Won’t Somebody Tell The Busybodies At The World Economic Forum To Kick Rocks?

The world’s largest gathering of busybodies  — AKA the World Economic Forum — is happening right now in Davos, Switzerland, leaving many to wonder who will step up and tell these know-it-alls to kick rocks.

This year’s invite-only guest list includes leftists such as ex-CNN host Brian StelterJohn Kerry, Al Gore and other propagandists for China Communist Party.

Each panel is guided by the same principle: The common man, a dumbo, should not be able to control how the rest of the world operates.

So, in turn, they navel-gaze about the kind of car you should own — if you are to have any vehicle at all — whether you should eat bugs, and why you need to live in a pod while pondering how they can best censor “misinformation” For your own good.

They don’t often admit to their mistakes or make bad predictions. But when they do they blame the data and promise to fix it next time.

Who are these people exactly? Well, they’re not so different from the men and women in your daily life who offer advice unsolicited or are all too eager to enforce the rules. You’ve known these hall monitor types since middle school. They are annoying and self-righteous, so you probably don’t follow them on social media.

But, unlike your friends, the Davos group has elite leaders and is connected to billions upon trillions of dollars. To be fair, there’s a little more.

The WEF crowd, however, is made up of totalitarian freaks from every political spectrum who love being surrounded by totalitarian freaks. America’s climate czar Kerry practically admitted As much as Tuesday, while praising a “select group of people” You are supposedly saving the entire world.

Of course, if their plans were ever put in place across the globe, we’d see disastrous results. A top-down society that doesn’t tolerate liberty or freedom in the name of the “greater good” always fails — whether it be communism, socialism, or fascism.

Considering that we’ve been hearing about their plan for world domination for decades now, it has to be questioned how effective this group is.

Chris Rufo is a conservative leader that raised the point. He was the one who awakened the American Right to Critical Race Theory’s true threat and nature.

“Unpopular opinion: the obsession with Klaus Schwab, Davos, and the WEF is misguided, as they have little real power over life in America,” he tweeted.”It’s also enervating, as it shifts the locus of control to far-away figures, while constructive action can be taken at home. Stay focused.”

Some might argue that the WEF was pushing for the COVID lockdowns, but Rufo said that no one forced the U.S. into this.

“Ultimately, Trump endorsed mass lockdowns and most governors went along with him, with DeSantis providing a notable exception,” He explained. “We didn’t have to follow the China playbook. The fault is our own.”

Some counterpoints are:

Trump ultimately supported mass lockdowns, and most governors agreed with him. DeSantis was a notable exception. We didn’t have to follow China’s lead. We are responsible.https://t.co/z9ghODJSWz

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) January 17, 2023

Trump’s influence “endorsed mass lockdowns” can and should be debated, but Rufo’s general line of thinking is correct: We just needed more elected officials to dismiss WEF’s suggestions on pandemic measures entirely, and we could have avoided misery.

The WEF isn’t really the main source of collectivist plans for global unity, it just serves as a convenient meeting place to gather thoughts. It’s one giant party, replete with champagne, flashy clothes, and ladies of the night.

Each year, more than 1,000 private planes fly to the event. This makes it difficult to imagine how serious they take climate change concerns.  Most of these people enjoy to “see and be seen” At this event.

So, one way to view these people is to worry that they’re going to control your life. To be clear, these sorts of folks wouldn’t hesitate at a moment’s notice to impose government dominance over every aspect of your life if given “emergency powers to do so.” That was what we saw during COVID.

A different way to see the situation is to think of WEF attendees in a garden variety-type manner, as suggested in the title and opening lee.

These folks aren’t so different than that lady on the parish council who demands “Go Make A Difference” Instead of a Gregorian chant, each mass gets played. At one time or another, you have probably had an intrusive neighbor. Maybe you know a mom.

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