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Angela Paxton, wife of Texas attorney general, won’t step aside in husband’s impeachment case.

Texas Republican state Sen. Angela Paxton Stands Firm in Husband’s Impeachment Trial

Texas Republican state Sen. Angela Paxton, wife of embattled Attorney General Ken Paxton, is refusing to step aside from her husband’s impeachment trial, which revolves around allegations of bribery and misappropriation of funds.

The impeachment trial of Ken Paxton originated from whistleblower accusations of misconduct during an investigation into a close friend and political donor of the attorney general. In late May, Ken Paxton was impeached by the Texas House on charges of bribery, obstruction of justice, and misappropriation of public resources.

Senate Trial and Angela Paxton’s Role

The trial will now proceed to the Senate, where Angela Paxton is one of 19 Republicans. However, the Republican majority in the Senate does not necessarily indicate favoritism towards Ken Paxton, as the Republican-controlled House voted 121-23 in favor of his impeachment.

Angela Paxton took to Twitter on Monday to release a statement, affirming her commitment to serving as a state senator during her husband’s Senate trial.

“Each time I was elected, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this great state, and Texas law compels each member of the Senate to attend when the Senate meets as a court of impeachment,” Angela Paxton said. “As a member of the Senate, I hold these obligations sacred and I will carry out my duties, not because it’s easy, but because the Constitution demands it and because my constituents deserve it.”

The deadline for Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial is set for August 28.

Whistleblower Allegations and FBI Investigation

In 2020, seven whistleblowers approached the FBI with allegations of wrongdoing by Paxton in relation to an investigation into Nate Paul, a Houston real estate investor facing federal fraud charges.

The whistleblowers claimed that Paxton’s excessive involvement in the case raised concerns among senior deputies. During a meeting with the FBI in September, they accused Paxton of obstructing justice, abusing his office, engaging in harassment, and accepting bribes from Paul.

The Texas House Investigative Committee concluded that Paxton had exploited his position to assist Paul in the federal fraud investigation. In return, Paul allegedly rewarded Paxton with a home renovation, and Paxton was found to have benefited from Paul’s employment of a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair.

Following their disclosure, the whistleblowers were either terminated or resigned from their positions. They subsequently filed a successful lawsuit against Paxton for retaliation, resulting in a $3.3 million settlement last year.

The FBI initiated an investigation into Paxton based on the whistleblowers’ claims. Earlier this year, the case was transferred to the Justice Department.


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