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Welsh soccer club dominates US women’s team.

Former U.S. Women’s Soccer Players Suffer 12-0 Loss to Welsh Men’s Club

The men took 39 shots compared to the women’s 5.

Last week, former players for the U.S. women’s soccer national team faced off against current, former, and guest players for a Welsh men’s professional club, resulting in a crushing 12-0 defeat for the women. Despite the loss, former national team player and World Cup winner Heather O’Reilly praised her team’s bravery for participating in the match.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the women’s team has suffered embarrassing losses. In 2017, they scrimmaged against a youth boys soccer team in Texas and lost 5-2. And during the 2021 Olympics, they lost 3-0 to Sweden in their opening game after kneeling in protest before kickoff.

Despite these setbacks, the women’s team has been vocal about advocating for equal pay to the men’s team. However, even when offered the same contract as the men in 2021, they rejected it, claiming it was “not good enough.”

Last month, a biological male who identifies as transgender injured a female player during a semi-professional women’s league soccer game in Australia, raising concerns about the inclusion of transgender-identifying players in female sports.


While the U.S. women’s soccer team has been a dominant force in the sport, recent losses to male and youth teams have raised questions about their abilities. Additionally, the inclusion of transgender-identifying players in female sports has sparked controversy and concerns about fairness and safety.

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