9-year-old missing child found safe at N.Y. campground, suspect in custody.

Charlotte Sena, 9. (Photo via: Jene Sena ‌/ New York State Police)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
4:26 PM – ⁤Monday, October​ 2, 2023

Great news! 9-year-old Charlotte Sena, who went missing during a family camping trip in ⁢New York, has been found alive and in “good health,” according to the police.


On Saturday night, ⁤while visiting relatives and friends, Charlotte mysteriously vanished after taking a solo bike ride‍ near Moreau Lake State Park.

“Last evening, she went out on​ a bike ride; it wasn’t dark, right around dinnertime…” New⁤ York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul ‌said in a Sunday afternoon news conference. “Literally 15 minutes later, she hadn’t come back yet,” the governor continued. “And ⁢that’s really when the nightmare begins.”

Today, the New ⁢York ⁢State ‍Police announced that⁣ they have a suspect in custody and the investigation is ongoing.

The suspect’s identity‍ has not been⁤ revealed and the press has not ⁢been informed of Charlotte’s exact location.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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What actions were taken by ⁢the ​community to support the⁢ search⁣ efforts for Charlotte Sena?

The title of the article is: “9-Year-Old⁢ Charlotte Sena​ Found Safe After Going Missing during‍ Camping Trip”

In a heartwarming turn ‍of⁣ events, ‌nine-year-old Charlotte Sena, who went⁤ missing during​ a family camping trip in​ New York, has been found alive and⁣ in “good health.”⁣ The New⁤ York State Police made the announcement, bringing relief to her family‍ and the community.

Charlotte ‌disappeared⁤ on ⁣Saturday night while visiting relatives and friends near Moreau Lake ⁣State ⁣Park. She had gone out for a bike ride ⁤alone, and within ‌just ⁣15 minutes, she⁢ hadn’t returned. ‍Governor Kathy Hochul ‍expressed her concern during a Sunday afternoon news conference, stating, ‌”Last evening, she went out ⁤on a bike ride; it wasn’t⁢ dark,⁤ right around dinnertime… Literally 15‍ minutes later, she ‌hadn’t come⁢ back yet. And that’s⁢ when the‍ nightmare ⁢begins.”

Fortunately, the nightmare ended on Monday when the New York State Police​ located ‍Charlotte and confirmed ‍that she ‌was safe and in good health. The details surrounding her discovery and the circumstances‌ of ‌her disappearance have not been ⁤disclosed. The suspect, who‌ is​ now in custody, remains unidentified.

This incident highlights the crucial role‌ played by law enforcement agencies‌ in ensuring ⁤the safety and ⁢well-being of the community. The swift action⁣ and relentless efforts of ⁢the New York⁣ State Police resulted in Charlotte’s ‌safe return within a ⁣relatively⁣ short period. The ongoing investigation will hopefully shed‌ light on the events‌ that transpired during her ⁢disappearance.

The news ⁣of Charlotte’s recovery has been ⁢met‍ with relief and joy by ‍her family, friends, and the wider​ community. ‌The unity and support demonstrated during the‍ search efforts reflect the ⁣determination to protect and care for ⁢every individual, especially‍ children, in our society.

In an era where tragedies often dominate headlines, it is heartwarming to ⁢witness a positive ‌outcome. Charlotte’s safe return reminds us ​of the importance of ‍vigilance, community engagement, and prompt ‍action in response to such distressing situations. It also serves as​ a reminder to cherish⁣ and protect the safety ⁤and well-being of ‌our loved ones.

As the investigation progresses, it is crucial to respect the privacy of Charlotte and her‍ family. In ‌times like these, it is important to⁤ celebrate‍ the triumphs but also to remember⁤ the ordeal they have been ⁣through. The focus should now turn towards supporting⁢ the family during their process of healing and recovery.

This incident serves as a reminder that even in times of‍ darkness, there can ‍be rays⁣ of hope and reunions that ignite a sense of unity and compassion within a community. Charlotte’s safe‌ return is⁤ a testament ​to⁤ the dedication⁣ and hard work of law enforcement officials and the power of ⁣collective efforts in ensuring⁣ the safety of our‌ communities.

The story of⁤ Charlotte ⁢Sena’s disappearance and subsequent rescue is one that will continue to‌ inspire and​ remind‌ us of the⁤ importance of looking out for one another. It⁣ is a story‍ of ‌hope,‍ resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a community that rallied together to ⁤bring a missing child home.

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