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The Debrief with David Mark: Menendez’s Independent Senate Run

The Debrief with David Mark: Menendez independent‍ Senate bid Dispute

The ⁢Debrief with David⁤ Mark ‍is a new politics podcast from Spectrum News 1, featuring interviews with newsmakers​ and politicians from across the Spectrum News footprint, who take⁣ you⁤ inside Washington and your state‌ capital to‌ help unravel ⁣the political stories ​that ⁤impact‍ your ⁤life. The host and‍ Managing Editor​ for Spectrum News DC, David‍ Mark, is a‍ 25+ year veteran of political coverage and talks with newsmakers from the worlds of politics, policy, and media. David ⁤has ⁣hosted a number of political programs, including ‘Race for the White House,⁣ ‘ways and Means’ and⁣ ‘Bloomberg⁤ on ‌the Ballot’. Find The Debrief with David Mark in your Spectrum News app, or​ wherever you get your podcasts.


Washington Examiner Magazine Editor David Mark joins Investigations Editor Sarah Bedford to discuss why Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) filed to run as an independent in the New Jersey Senate race in the middle of his criminal trial, whether this opens the door for a Republican candidate to have a chance in that race, and if Democrats are starting to sweat.

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One Comment

  1. Menendez ia a criminal-fraud.
    What does Menendez have to get caught doing to get prosecuted, and FLUSHED.

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