Despite Insistence by Democrat Politicians and Medical Elites, Empirical Evidence DOES NOT Conclusively Show that Masks Reduce the Spread of COVID

Despite Insistence by Democrat Politicians and Medical Elites, Empirical Evidence DOES NOT Conclusively Show that Masks Reduce the Spread of COVID

Americans and people around the world argue the use of masks prevents the spread of the China coronavirus.  But does the empirical evidence support this argument?

The Democrat governor of California’s office recently told Californians to wear masks ‘in between bites’ of food when dining with members from same household in public.

In Moscow, Idaho, Sean and Rachel Bohnet were among three arrested at the Psalm Sing service for singing while not wearing a mask or social distancing.

We’ve seen a naked bike ride in Portland require masks from participants.

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Michigan’s crazed governor/tyrant ordered all high school and college football, soccer and volleyball athletes to wear face masks — even during competition

Six months ago the CDC’s Dr. Robert Redfield told the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee that healthy people should not wear face masks.But like so much else coming from the completely ridiculous US medical elites they changed their mind a few weeks later.  Redfield went so far as to claim that masks would work better than a vaccine:

But Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) and Democrat PA Rep. Wendy Ullman were caught on a hot mic calling face masks “political theater.”

Numerous politicians claim masks work but behind closed doors don’t wear masks.  Nancy Pelosi was one such example recently when she went out to have her hair done:

So other than being a political tool of the left, what is the truth behind masks?

The truth is that there hasn’t been an empirical study that confirms that masks prevent the spread of the China coronavirus:

…the research literature on mask usage doesn’t provide definitive answers. There are no large-scale clinical trials proving that personal use of masks can prevent pandemic spread; and the ones that look at masks and influenza have produced equivocal results. But this smattering of evidence doesn’t tell us much, either way: The trials neither prove that masks are useful, nor that they’re dangerous or a waste of time. That’s because the studies have been both few in number and beset with methodological problems.

In addition, per a review of mask policies put in place around the globe, the results actually show that in some cases the China coronavirus actually got worst after the mask mandate was put in place.  This first picture is from California:

Hawaii is another example where the number of cases is minimum and yet a mask wearing policy is in place:

In summary, there is no empirical evidence proving mask wearing prevents the spread of the China coronavirus.  This is because the results around the world prove in numerous situations that things actually got worse after a mask wearing policy was put in place.  What we do know, however, is that many of the politicians screaming about mask wearing, don’t adhere to their policies themselves and even think the whole thing is a joke.

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