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Monday Afternoon Update: Manhunt For Accused Illegal Alien Murderer, Ford To Import SUVs From China, Banking Disaster?

Manhunt For Accused Illegal Alien Murderer

Texas authorities are offering a $130,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Francisco Oropesa. Oropesa is accused of killing five individuals, including an eight-year-old child Friday night. The suspect is considered armed and dangerous. Oropesa is reportedly an illegal alien who has been deported multiple times.

Ford Motor Company To Import SUVs From China

In a historic first, Ford Motor Company will soon begin importing the Lincoln Nautilus SUV from China. This marks the first time ever that Ford will manufacture a car in China for U.S. import. The SUVs will be an electric-gasoline hybrid powertrain and a Ford executive said that making the SUVs in China was the most practical decision. Previously, these vehicles were manufactured and imported from Canada. Now, industry experts are calling for higher auto tariffs on China to encourage car companies to increase U.S. domestic production of vehicles and manufacturing.

American Airlines Authorize Strike

American Airlines pilots have voted to authorize a strike just as the busy summer travel season begins. The union, which represents 15 thousand pilots, is asking for a raise and better working conditions from the Texas-based company. A spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association says the current scheduling has them feeling maxed out. But don’t cancel your travel plans yet – both sides say they are close to reaching an agreement.

Banking Update

JPMorgan Chase assumed control of First Republic Bank on Monday after it collapsed due to turmoil in the financial sector. The San Francisco-based bank, which collapsed in March after a run from depositors, was acquired Monday by JPMorgan Chase – already the largest bank in the U.S. and the largest bank in the world by market capitalization. JPMorgan will now acquire all of First Republic’s $103.9 billion in deposits and most of the bank’s $229.1 billion in assets. The offices controlled by the First Republic opened today as branches of JPMorgan Chase.

National Police Association Suing For Nashville Shooter Manifesto

The National Police Association is suing the governments of Nashville and Davidson County for their refusal to disclose the manifesto of the Nashville shooter. The police association’s open records request asked for all writings by Audrey Hale recovered by Nashville PD during the March 27th raid. The request also asks for all records and communications, including emails and texts, to and from Nashville PD that mention or relate to the writings. The association wants to find out whether Nashville PD has faced political pressure to keep information hidden related to the shooting.

Met Gala Monday Night

And, tonight, stars will take to the red carpet for the Met Gala in New York City, which is always held on the first Monday in May. This year’s event will be centered around the late Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is best known for revitalizing Chanel in the 1980s after the luxury brand experienced a period of decline after the death of its namesake founder.

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