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American Decline: Ford To Manufacture, Import Lincoln SUVs From China

How Ford’s Decision to Import SUVs from China is a Sign of American Decline

Over 25 years ago, President Bill Clinton promised that increased trade with China would benefit the United States and turn the communist country into one that embraced capitalism. However, it seems evident that America has received the bad end of the bargain. Millions of jobs have been shipped overseas, opioid addictions have increased, and America’s power on the world stage has weakened. Meanwhile, China has reaped the rewards and is now America’s number one political adversary.

The latest sign of American decline comes courtesy of Ford Motor Company. Ford will soon begin importing the Lincoln Nautilus SUV from China. This marks the first time ever that Ford will be manufacturing a car in China for U.S. import. According to Bloomberg News, the SUVs will be an electric-gasoline hybrid powertrain. A Ford executive said that making the SUVs in China was the most practical decision. Previously, these vehicles were manufactured and imported from Canada — still not the U.S., but also not America’s top challenger on the world stage.

Centralizing Nautilus Production in China

“We’re already building Nautilus in China,” Lincoln President Dianne Craig said in mid-April. “It just made sense to centralize our Nautilus production.”

In reaction, Michael Stumom the CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America, called for higher auto tariffs on China-built autos. “25% tariffs on China built autos not enough,” he tweeted.

Those tariffs were put in place by the Trump administration. President Joe Biden, for his part, has repeatedly punted on whether or not to lower the prices, while showing de facto support for the tough-on-China policies introduced by his predecessor. That change marks a sharp difference from previous U.S. policy — which viewed China as a friend.

Is America Better Off?

Consider that in 1997, Clinton told the American people that “The emergence of a China as a power that is stable, open, and non-aggressive, that embraces free markets, political pluralism, and the rule of law, that works with us to build a secure international order — that kind of China, rather than a China turned inward and confrontational, is deeply in the interests of the American people.”

Does it seem like that has happened over the past two decades? Is America better off and is China less emboldened since 1997? If you’re gullible enough to believe that is the case — and welcome the latest auto industry changes — then maybe you will get a free Chinese spy balloon with your new Lincoln Nautilus next year.

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