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Fox staffers are reportedly leaving the network for Tucker, claims biographer.

Former Fox News Staffers Join Tucker Carlson’s New Venture

According to biographer Chadwick Moore, nine former staffers have left Fox News to work with the recently-ousted but still popular host Tucker Carlson.

Moore, who is currently working on a biography of the former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host, shared this news on Twitter. He revealed that these former staffers approached Tucker themselves, showing their eagerness to join his next venture. Additionally, there are others waiting for an opportunity to work with him.

One woman responded to this news, expressing her hope that Tucker took the Chyron guy with him, referring to the network employee responsible for a recent graphic that called President Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator.” Moore confirmed that Tucker did indeed take the Chyron guy along.

In a separate thread, Moore provided more details, revealing that the Chyron guy, Alex McCaskill, was a former producer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” who had left Fox News after ten years to join Tucker’s new team. He also mentioned that at least three other former producers had made the same move.

According to Moore, it’s not just former employees of Carlson’s show who are leaving Fox News. Some of his regular guests are also refusing to appear on the network in his absence.

“Also, quietly, many familiar faces from Tucker Carlson Tonight are refusing to appear on Fox News since Tucker was bizarrely pulled off the air—and not just the ones who got blacklisted for writing a book about him!” Moore revealed.

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