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Biographer asserts: Tucker Carlson’s crew is expanding, signaling an exodus.

Biographer Claims an Exodus Is Underway: Tucker Carlson’s Team Is Growing Bigger

Tucker Carlson’s broadcast team is experiencing significant growth, with multiple Fox News employees leaving the network to join him, according to his biographer, Chadwick Moore.

In a series of tweets, Moore revealed that *NINE* former Tucker Carlson Tonight staffers have made the move to join Tucker on his next venture. He also mentioned that there are others eagerly waiting for an opportunity to work with Tucker. Interestingly, each of the nine individuals approached Tucker themselves, rather than the other way around.

Furthermore, Moore revealed that many familiar faces from Tucker Carlson Tonight are now refusing to appear on Fox News since Tucker was unexpectedly pulled off the air. This includes individuals who were not blacklisted for writing a book about him.

According to Moore, Tucker Carlson’s team at Fox was incredibly close-knit, with most members being there since the show’s launch. They have remained loyal to their boss even after his departure from the network.

Last week, Carlson criticized Fox News after it parted ways with a producer who took responsibility for a controversial chyron that referred to President Joe Biden as a “wannabe dictator.” The producer, Alexander McCaskill, resigned after being scolded by the network. Carlson expressed his disappointment with the network’s handling of the situation.

According to reports, several other producers from Tucker Carlson’s former Fox News show have also left the network recently, including Thomas Fox and Charles Couger.

Despite these changes, Tucker Carlson’s audience remains strong. His Twitter videos have garnered millions of views, with his most recent episode attracting 18.7 million people, according to media analytics firm Tubular Labs.

It seems that Tucker Carlson’s team is growing bigger and stronger, as more individuals choose to join him on his next venture.

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