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Kelly Rowland’s representative addresses alleged incident at ‘Today Show’ dressing room

The Drama Surrounding Kelly Rowland’s “Today” Appearance

The representative for former Destiny’s Child band member Kelly Rowland is speaking out after the star was accused of ⁤storming out of a​ “Todaydressing room last week, leaving host Hoda Kotb scrambling to fill her scheduled time slot.

According to sources, Rowland allegedly left the building and abruptly canceled her TV appearance because her dressing room was not up to her standards.

Though her rep Yvette Noel-Schure didn’t mention the incident specifically, she made a statement about Rowland’s character ‌after‌ the backlash. ⁢She told Entertainment Tonight, “After 28 years ⁢of knowing her, Kelly Rowland remains one of the kindest, most amiable humans I have ever met and have had the blessing to represent.”

The drama ​began last Thursday when Rowland was slated​ to appear‌ on “Today” to promote her new Tyler Perry-produced⁤ Netflix movie,⁣ “Mea Culpa.” She was slated to host the entire fourth hour of the show opposite Kotb. But sources ‍told Page Six that the singer and‍ actress left because of the dressing room.

The “Today” building is in Manhattan and has ⁣notoriously small dressing rooms compared to other productions. Rowland and her team were offered multiple other options, but nothing was found ‍suitable. “They didn’t want that. [The show] basically offered up ⁤as much as possible, but ​they weren’t happy with it, so they walked and they⁣ left,” an insider told Page Six at the time.

British singer Rita Ora, who was also a scheduled guest, was asked ​to fill in⁤ for her and had only ‌“minutes” to ⁣prepare. “Well, this happened! We had two minutes to prepare ahhh, thank you‌ @hodaandjenna for asking me to co-host the show,” Ora wrote in an Instagram caption about the event. “Everyone was so lovely and kind, I⁢ had SO much fun doing it!! Love to everyone that tuned in, maybe we should do more??!!!”


Rowland has not yet addressed the controversy. Kotb, meanwhile, said she⁤ still “loves” the former Destiny’s Child star and even offered to share her dressing room for future visits.

“I just want to say this. I have great ⁣love and admiration for Kelly Rowland. I adore her. And I want her to come back on the show…‍ of course. She can share my dressing room.⁤ We will be‌ in it together,” Kotb⁣ said on Tuesday’s show.

“Anyway, I ⁤want to say we loved her on the show for many, many, years,” she added. ‌“And on another note, we want to give a shout-out to Rita Ora, who ⁣did a phenomenal ⁤job. We have great women on this show.”

How did fans and critics‍ react to Rowland’s alleged behavior regarding‌ the ​dressing room incident?

The opinion that the ⁢dressing room provided did not meet ⁤her standards and preferences. It ‌is not uncommon‌ for celebrities to ⁣have specific requirements and expectations when it comes to their⁢ appearance and comfort during media appearances.

The incident‌ quickly garnered attention and sparked‍ controversy. Fans and critics took to social media to express their disappointment and outrage ‍at Rowland’s alleged behavior. Many believed that she was being demanding and unreasonable, while others defended her ‍right to have certain‌ standards.

In response to the backlash, Rowland’s representative, Yvette Noel-Schure, spoke out⁤ about​ the incident. While she ⁣did not ⁢directly address the specific incident, she vouched for Rowland’s character and mentioned that she has known her for 28 years, describing her as one of ⁤the kindest and most amiable individuals she has ever met.

It ‌is important to consider both sides of the story. While it is understandable that celebrities may have specific requirements, ⁢it is also vital for them to handle situations ⁤with professionalism and ⁢respect for others. However, it is also ‍crucial to ⁢remember that ⁣celebrities⁢ are human beings with their own ​preferences and needs. It ‌is possible that Rowland’s reaction was ⁣a result of a genuine dissatisfaction, although it could have ⁢been handled differently.

The drama surrounding Rowland’s “Today” appearance highlights the intense ⁤scrutiny and pressure that celebrities face on a daily basis. Every action and decision‌ they make ⁣is subject to public judgment ‌and ​criticism. It is essential for both fans ⁤and ⁤the media to approach these situations with empathy and understanding, acknowledging⁢ that celebrities are entitled to their ‌opinions and desires.

In light of this‍ incident, it ‍is a reminder that appearances and reputations can be easily tarnished. It is crucial ⁤for celebrities to maintain their professionalism‌ and handle situations in a respectful manner, even when ​faced with challenging circumstances. It is also⁢ important for the public to ⁢reserve judgment until⁢ all the facts are known and to approach these⁢ incidents with an open mind.

As for Rowland, her reputation may have been momentarily affected by this incident. However, ⁤her⁤ long-standing career and the support of her ‌representative suggest that this is not indicative⁤ of her overall character. ⁣It​ is hoped that ⁢both Rowland and the “Today” show can move past this incident and focus on their​ respective careers and contributions to the entertainment industry.

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