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Jamie Lee Curtis Helps Give ‘Hollyweird’ Its Name

The horror film star, Jamie Lee Curtis, commonly known as the “Scream Queen,” recently received her first Academy Award, sparking conversations among fans questioning why it had taken so long. Curtis, now 64, has had a long-standing career in Hollywood starting with the horror genre before branching out to mainstream media, appearing in various movies and TV shows.

As an offspring of famous parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis accurately defines the Hollywood atmosphere. She is categorized among the “nepo babies,” individuals who have an advantage in the entertainment industry by being born into families already successful in the business. Curtis was born in 1958 in California, grew up attending the elite private boarding school, Choate, and briefly attended law school before pursuing a career in acting.

“My parents were actors,” Curtis declared in her SAG Awards acceptance speech as she won an award for her supporting role in the acclaimed “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” “And I married an actor. I love actors. I love acting. I love the job we get to do. I love being part of a crew. I love being part of a cast… It’s such a beautiful job. And I know you look at me and think, well, nepo baby, that’s why she’s there,” she added, “And I totally get it. But the truth of the matter is I’m 64 years old and this is just amazing.”

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” is a bizarre film, but in real-life Curtis’ experiences are just as surreal. Despite her acting abilities, Curtis embodies the quintessential A-list star who does not comprehend why people hold negative opinions of her.

One example of this is the scandal she faced after sharing an image on Instagram. In January, the actress posted a photo showcasing her office, which included a strange piece of artwork hanging on the wall. The artwork was later identified as “The Tub” by Betsy Schneider, a picture of a nude child submerged in water within a plastic tub. The photo sparked controversy and backlash from followers who questioned why she had a picture of a naked child in her workspace. Curtis deleted the post, yet in her apology, she still expressed her lack of understanding as to why people found it disturbing, adding that the piece of art was suitable for display in her dining area.

Despite these controversial issues, Curtis is often depicted within the industry as normal and down-to-earth. She is self-deprecating and has not let her status get to her head, even making fun of her partnership with Activia for selling yoghurt that makes you “s***”. Curtis is open and honest about her struggles with substance abuse and addiction.

However, her normality often transitions to an oddity that she seems to be unaware of – for instance, her daughter’s pronoun preference. During an interview with Today following her Best Supporting Actress Oscar win, Curtis surprisingly revealed that she refers to the golden statue as “they/them” due to her daughter’s gender-nonconformity. Curtis also spoke out about “trans rights” on Instagram, stating “Trans rights are human rights. Anything stating the contrary is wrong.” Additionally, Curtis posted photos officiating her daughter’s cosplay-themed wedding, where she posed with a giant butcher knife.

Lastly, Curtis’ eclectic art collection includes her most recent accomplishment, an “they/them” Oscar statuette, proudly displayed next to a butt plug-shaped trophy featured in “EEAAO.” With all her peculiarities, one can only wonder who is still laughing over this inside joke.


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