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Fetterman urges Menendez’s Senate expulsion following Santos’ House removal

Senator John Fetterman Calls​ for Expulsion of Senator ⁤Bob Menendez

During a recent interview on ⁤ABC’s “The View,” Senator‌ John Fetterman (D-PA) made a​ bold statement, calling for ‌the expulsion of Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) from ‍the U.S. Senate. ‌Fetterman’s remarks came in the wake of the expulsion of⁤ former Representative⁣ George Santos (R-NY) ​from the U.S. ⁣House of ⁣Representatives.

Fetterman expressed his⁢ lack of surprise at‍ Santos’ removal, but emphasized that Menendez’s actions were far more ⁣serious and sinister.⁣ He questioned how someone‍ like Menendez could be allowed‍ to ⁣remain in‌ the Senate while⁣ Santos ‍was expelled for comparatively ‍less severe offenses.

“Senator Menendez, he ‍needs to go,” Fetterman ⁢asserted. “Santos’ ⁣lies were almost comical, but⁤ Menendez’s actions are truly concerning. He ​represents Egypt,⁤ not New Jersey.⁤ We⁢ need⁤ to make the decision to send him out.”

Expulsion Vote and ⁣Republican Opposition

The vote to expel‌ Santos ⁢from the⁣ House passed easily, with 311 representatives voting in favor and 114 voting ⁣against.‌ Notably, ​105⁢ Republicans ​joined ‍the Democrats in supporting the expulsion.

However, all four of the top Republican House leaders,‌ including Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and‌ House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA), opposed expelling Santos. They ​believed that expulsion without a conviction could set a dangerous precedent. The Republican leaders did not actively rally against the expulsion, stating that it was a ‍matter of ⁣conscience for each⁣ representative.

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