Woman Accused of Fatally Stabbing Toddler in Shopping Cart Smirks During Murder Charge Reading

Bionca Ellis, a 32-year-old woman previously employed⁤ in child⁤ care by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, ‍has been charged ⁤with multiple serious offenses, including murder, after⁤ she allegedly stabbed⁢ a three-year-old⁤ boy to death in ‍a store parking lot in North⁤ Olmsted, Ohio.​ This horrific act occurred ⁢just days after Ellis was briefly detained and ‍released following a warrant for ‌a theft conviction.⁣ Reportedly, she stole knives from a ‍thrift shop and then attacked the young child​ Julian Wood and his mother Margot as they ⁢were leaving the store. ⁤During her court appearance, as the charges⁢ of murder, aggravated murder, attempted murder, felonious⁤ assault, child⁤ endangering, tampering with evidence, and⁣ misdemeanor ⁣theft were read out, ‍Ellis‍ reacted with a smirk and giggles, which was caught on video and widely circulated,⁣ sparking public outrage.

During the court session, the devastated father, Jared Wood, expressed his profound loss and grief, ⁣stating that “she took everything from us,” as he faced the alleged murderer of his son. His poignant ⁣statement highlighted the ⁢immense emotional toll on the family, and he‌ appealed to the court‌ for the strictest measures to⁤ keep ⁢Ellis detained.

A woman who had reportedly worked in child care for the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services allegedly stabbed a three-year-old boy to death four days after she had a warrant out for her arrest for a theft conviction, was arrested, and then released. When the murder charge was read to her in court, she smirked and giggled.

Bionca Ellis, 32, is reported to have stolen knives from a thrift store in North Olmstead, Ohio, then allegedly followed 3-year-old Julian Wood and his mother Margot out of the store before stabbing the child to death and also stabbing his mother when she tried to save her son and pull him from the shopping cart, according to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley. When Judge Nancy Margaret in the Cuyahoga Court of Common Pleas announced that Ellis was charged with murder, aggravated murder, attempted murder, felonious assault, endangering children, tampering with evidence and misdemeanor theft, she smirked and giggled.

Jared Wood came into court and apparently saw his son’s alleged murderer. In a heartbreaking response to the judge asking his name, he told the judge, “My name is Jared Wood, father of the deceased, husband of Margot. Your honor, that day, one week ago, she took everything from us. There’s nothing that could ever replace my son or anything that my wife and I and our other kids are going through. It’s horrendous. I really wish no bail, period. Or extend it to the max limit possible that you can, at the very least. Just do whatever you can to keep this monster behind bars.”

Ellis’ bond was set by the court at $5 million.


A GoFundMe page was set up by Julian Wood’s aunt. It stated, “The funds raised will help us cover funeral expenses, legal fees, and support for the family, allowing us to focus on healing and remembering JuJu. Your kindness has not only alleviated some of the financial burdens, but has also brought us a sense of peace knowing that we are surrounded by such a caring community. Each contribution no matter the size, has made a significant impact on our lives. If you would like to show your support we are asking you to participate in what we are calling a Memory Line. Two of JuJu’s favorite things were the color green and dinosaurs.”

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