False accusations of attempted rape and kidnapping led to a wrongful month-long jail stay for a man

A Pennsylvania man faced a month in jail on ‍a⁢ $1 million ⁤bond due to false accusations of assault and kidnapping by ⁤Anjela⁤ Urumova,⁣ 20. She has been charged with multiple offenses including false alarm to ‍a public safety agency. The man, falsely accused, was arrested but⁢ remains ⁢unnamed as ‍he is⁢ innocent. A man from⁢ Pennsylvania endured a month⁣ in jail on a $1 million bond following false allegations⁢ of assault and kidnapping by​ 20-year-old Anjela Urumova.‍ She faces multiple charges, including falsely alarming a public safety agency. The falsely ⁤accused man, who remains unnamed, was arrested but‍ is considered innocent.

A Pennsylvania man spent a month in jail on a $1 million bond after a woman falsely accused him of trying to assault and kidnap her earlier this year.

Anjela Urumova, 20, has been charged with false alarm to an agency of public safety and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, two counts of false reports, and three counts of unsworn falsification to authorities, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office said in a press release. She was remanded to jail with a $30,000 bail.

On April 16, Urumova called police from a Redner’s grocery store parking lot, claiming a man had attempted to rape and kidnap her, Patch reported. She claimed she had parked her truck near the back of the parking lot around 8 p.m. and just after she got out, a white male grabbed her from behind. She said she screamed but the man wouldn’t let her go, pulled down her pants, told her to shut up, and punched her in the face.

She said the man then lifted her and moved her toward his truck, but when she continued to scream, he let her go and ran back to his truck to escape.

She described the man as around 6 feet tall, with a beard and short hair, balding, and wearing dark jeans and a black T-shirt. She described his truck as an older model Ford F-150 or F-250, blue, and covered in rust and dents.

Police used surveillance footage to quickly track down the truck, which belonged to a relative of the man initially charged with the crime. The falsely accused man will not be named by The Daily Wire, since he is innocent. The man was arrested while driving a different vehicle but wearing the same clothes described by Urumova.

He was charged with “criminal attempt to commit kidnapping to facilitate a felony, criminal attempt to commit kidnapping to inflict injury or terror, criminal attempt to commit rape by forcible compulsion, criminal attempt to commit rape by threat of forcible compulsion, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and three counts of simple assault,” Patch reported. He was sent to jail on a $1 million bond.

Shortly after, authorities received a tip that the situation needed to be investigated further. Middletown Township Police then reviewed footage from multiple surveillance cameras that captured the area of the alleged attack, and a detective reviewed Urumova’s cellphone data.


Investigators soon discovered inconsistencies and contradictions in Urumova’s claims, so they confronted her with their findings and she admitted to making up the entire incident. She admitted that no assault had occurred and that she had targeted the man because she had seen him and the truck previously and found him to be “creepy,” Law & Crime reported.

As to the injuries Urumova claimed came from the man punching her in the face, she actually received them when her grandmother, who suffered from dementia, didn’t recognize her and threw a plastic object at her, hitting her in the lip.

A month later, the man was released from jail and the charges against him were dropped.

The complaint against Urumova shows that officers asked her whether she ever meant to admit she lied, she claimed she “planned on telling the truth at some point before” the wrongly accused man’s preliminary hearing.

While the falsely accused man faced years in prison after being charged with felonies, Urumova may get little, if any, prison time for her crimes, which are misdemeanors.

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