Woman and dog killed in freak accident. Dial 911 upon sighting.

Tragic Accident Claims Woman and Dog’s Lives ⁣in ⁢California Neighborhood

A devastating incident occurred ⁤in a rural⁢ California neighborhood, resulting in the untimely deaths⁣ of a ​woman and her beloved dog. Madeline Kelly, ​34, from Mendota, ​Fresno County, was⁢ taking an early⁤ morning walk with her dog and a companion when tragedy struck. ‍Unaware of the danger lurking beneath‌ her feet, she accidentally stepped ‌on a downed ‌power ⁤line around 5 a.m., leading to a fatal electrocution.

“It was a wrong way to die. She had a​ lot of life⁣ left to go. The fact that someone may have been negligent that⁣ caused her death, you know, it breaks my heart.” – ‍Melissa Rust, Kelly’s mother

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office revealed ‌that a fire had occurred⁣ in the area just two days prior, weakening the ​power pole that‌ held ⁢the line. Unfortunately, the line fell sometime‌ later, creating ​an unsuspected ⁣hazard for walkers like Kelly and her ‌companion.

Despite⁢ the efforts of emergency responders, Kelly could not be revived. The local fire department, which had extinguished ‍the vegetation fire on ‌Monday, failed⁣ to alert the power company, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), as the power lines did not appear to be affected by the incident.

PG&E expressed their condolences and assured cooperation with first responders to investigate the‌ circumstances‌ surrounding this tragic accident. Kelly’s mother, Melissa Rust, described her daughter as ​intelligent,​ kind, artistic, and loving, ‍emphasizing the wrongful ⁤nature of her⁣ death.

Staying Safe Around Downed Power Lines

PG&E’s ⁤website provides crucial advice for ‌dealing with downed power lines. It is essential to​ always assume that a downed power line is live ⁢and dangerous. If you encounter one, immediately call 911 ⁤and keep children and pets at a safe distance. Remember, it is unsafe to​ touch the line, even with objects like sticks or brooms. Avoid‍ touching anything or anyone in contact with ⁣the fallen ​power line, ‌including ‍vehicles. Furthermore, driving over a fallen‌ power line is ‍highly discouraged.

This tragic incident ​serves as a‍ heartbreaking reminder⁢ of the ​importance of vigilance and​ caution ⁣when‌ encountering potential‌ hazards in our surroundings. Let​ us keep Madeline Kelly and her loyal​ companion in our thoughts‍ and⁢ prayers as we⁢ strive to prevent similar accidents in​ the future.

Source: The Western ⁤Journal

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