WATCH: PragerU Releases ‘What America Could Be’

Many people can tell you about America’s problems, but who is talking about the nation’s future?

That’s the focus of the latest 5-Minute Video PragerU presentation by Kendall Qualls President of TakeCharge

“I’m not making a prediction,” Qualls states. “But there is a new golden age waiting for us if we do just five things.”

The first area Qualls highlights is reconnecting with America’s Judeo-Christian roots. Qualls encourages Americans to have a renewed appreciation for traditional Judeo/Christian values. “a new awakening.”

Qualls claims that self-government is only possible if America is moral. This notion of morality is historically rooted in biblical teachings.

The video features John Adams second president, who is credited with understanding the relationship between the Constitution of morality.

“Our Constitution,” He wrote: “was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The second area discussed is the control of children’s education.

“Moms and Dads demand to be informed about exactly what their children are learning. They don’t take no for an answer,” Qualls states.

He encourages more conservatives to become members of local school boards and to promote a range of options, including private schools, charter schools online, homeschooling, and online schools. He stated that public schools must stop focusing on woke policies, returning to math proficiency, and instead focus on reading, writing, and mathematics.

Qualls’ third concern is to laugh at culture and make it disappear.

“America regains its sense of humor. Hypersensitive reactions to perceived slights are no longer taken seriously. We’re able to tell a harmless joke without worrying about being hauled into the Human Resources Office,” He proposes.

The new freedom would take the pressure off the office and society, removing the influence of cancel culture’s elite.

The fourth topic of the proposal is to make the country energy-independent and secure its supply lines.

The nation has the potential to serve as the world’s top energy producer. Instead of relying on oil from other nations, the United States could and should be producing enough energy to support its allies.

Qualls’ fifth goal is to make marriage the smart (and cool) thing to do. Qualls envisions young women realizing that a great career can’t replace a happy marriage and a healthy family. Men are also called upon to take care of their wives and children.

“The studies turn out to be true: marriage leads to more financial success, more personal fulfillment, and a greater sense of purpose than living alone in pursuit of career goals,” He envisions.

The video doesn’t propose new laws or taxes, but instead focuses on values and acting upon them to create a better future for the nation. Qualls says that whether these five areas actually happen is up to you, challenging one American at a time to make a difference for the country’s future.

You can watch the entire video here:

NEW! Plenty of people can tell you what America’s problems are. But who’s talking about what America’s future could be? @KendallQuallsMN, president of TakeCharge, presents a vision that’s closer than you think.

— PragerU (@prageru) January 23, 2023

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