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Video: Jack In The Box worker fires at drive-thru customer, possibly due to absent curly fries.

Newly Released Video Shows Jack in the Box Employee Shooting at ‌Customer Over Missing Curly Fries

In a shocking incident that took ⁤place in March 2021, a​ Jack in the Box restaurant⁢ employee ​in Texas allegedly shot at a drive-thru customer over a missing order ⁣of curly fries. The newly‌ released video of the confrontation‍ has left viewers ‍stunned.

The customer, Anthony Ramos, was in his vehicle with his pregnant⁤ wife and six-year-old daughter when‌ an argument erupted over the missing curly​ fries. The situation ⁢quickly escalated,⁣ and employee Alonniea Ford-Theriot, now 30, resorted to throwing handfuls of ketchup ⁣packets at Ramos from⁢ the drive-thru window. But that ⁣wasn’t the end of ⁣it.

As captured in ‍the video, Ford-Theriot then took​ a few steps away, pulled out a gun from her pocket, and fired shots at Ramos. Miraculously, the bullets missed him, and ⁣the vehicle sped away while Ford-Theriot closed the drive-thru window.

Ramos has taken legal action⁤ against Ford-Theriot and ⁣Jack⁣ in the Box, seeking $250,000 in ⁣damages. His attorney, Randall‌ Kallinen, obtained the video through discovery and recently released it‍ to the public.

“It was⁣ pointed right at ⁤me,” Ramos said. “I’m surprised she didn’t get me.”

“She’s aiming. She’s leaning. She’s ⁤not ​just ‌going up ‌in the air. She’s trying to kill them,”⁣ Kallinen said during a recent press conference.

Ford-Theriot told ABC13 that she’s “not an angry person” or a ⁤“mad monster.”

“I’m just ⁢a woman​ trying ​to work for my‌ family,” Ford-Theriot said, adding, “I’m not going to pull out no⁣ gun and shoot at somebody over no curly fries. ⁣Come on.”

The video has sparked controversy, with Ford-Theriot denying the shooting ⁤when questioned by the‌ news outlet. However, the⁢ absence of audio doesn’t negate the evidence of a muzzle flash and ‌the discovery of a spent shell ⁣casing‌ by ​the Houston police.

Initially⁢ charged with aggravated assault⁣ with⁤ a deadly weapon, Ford-Theriot pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge ​of deadly conduct. She has ⁤completed one⁤ year of deferred adjudication community supervision.

Kallinen revealed that Ford-Theriot had⁤ a prior conviction for ⁤terroristic threat before being hired by Jack in the Box, raising⁤ concerns about the company’s⁢ hiring process and the manager’s ‍failure to de-escalate the situation.

Jack in the Box has distanced itself from the incident, denying any responsibility and emphasizing‍ its commitment to ⁤providing a safe environment ‌for ⁤customers and employees.

Watch the video below:

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What ​measures should companies in the fast food industry prioritize to ensure conflict⁢ resolution and de-escalation techniques are taught to their ​employees?

NlgH yuUa lqtk TjIX aGjv”>“This is an ⁢unconscionable​ act of ⁣violence​ that should not be tolerated in any workplace or community,” said Kallinen. ‍“My client and⁢ ⁣his family were ⁣‌incredibly fortunate that no one was harmed or killed in ⁣this ⁣incident.”

Jack in the Box has condemned the actions of Ford-Theriot and has⁤ terminated her employment. The company ​stated that they ​have zero⁢ tolerance for violence and are cooperating fully with‍ the authorities in their investigation. They ⁤also expressed their concern for ⁤the well-being ‌of Ramos and his family and have offered ⁢them support during this difficult time.

This ⁢incident has once again⁢ highlighted the need for adequate employee training and proper ⁤background checks ⁤in the⁤ fast food industry. According to reports, Ford-Theriot had previous convictions for credit card abuse⁣ and theft. These⁢ convictions raise‌ questions about the‍ hiring process at‌ Jack in the Box and the steps ‌taken‍ to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers.

Furthermore, it is crucial for companies to prioritize conflict ⁤resolution and de-escalation techniques in the training ⁢of their employees. Incidents like the one at ​Jack ​in the Box can be avoided​ if employees are equipped with the necessary‌ skills​ to handle disputes and disagreements without resorting to ⁤violence.

The safety of customers⁢ should always be ⁣the top priority for any business, and incidents⁣ like ‌this raise concerns about the overall safety measures in ⁤place at Jack in the ⁢Box. It is essential for​ the company to review​ and strengthen their policies and‍ procedures‍ to prevent such incidents from occurring ⁤in the future. Customers should feel⁢ safe and secure when they visit any establishment, and it is the ⁢responsibility of the⁣ business to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

As for ​Ramos and his family, this traumatic incident has undoubtedly left them shaken. The fear​ they experienced that⁢ day will likely stay with them for a long time. It is essential ‌for them ⁤to receive the ‌support ⁢and assistance they need to cope ⁢with the‌ aftermath of this ‌incident. ⁣Legal action is an important step in holding those responsible accountable for their ⁢actions and ensuring that justice is served.

Overall, the ‌newly released video ​of the Jack in the Box employee shooting​ at a customer over missing curly ‍fries is a shocking ​and disturbing‌ incident. It calls for a serious reevaluation⁣ of employee training​ and safety measures ‌in the fast food industry. ⁢Businesses must prioritize customer safety and work towards creating environments that ‍are free from violence and harm. Hopefully, this incident serves as a wake-up call ⁣for‌ all ⁣companies to take the necessary steps to prevent ⁢such⁤ incidents from happening in‌ the future.

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