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Biden’s America: Police Overwhelmed, Citizens Told to Stop Calling.

Dallas Police Change Reporting Process, Asking Residents to Go Online Instead of Calling 911

Dallas police are implementing a new rule that requires residents to report certain crimes online instead of calling 911. The change, which takes effect on July 3, aims to prioritize high-priority calls and reduce response times. Chief Eddie García believes this will improve working conditions for officers while maintaining service to the community.

According to The Dallas Morning News, crimes such as shoplifting under $2,500, non-injury traffic accidents, vehicle burglaries, credit card abuse, and non-family violence-related harassment will no longer prompt a police response. Instead, residents must visit to fill out a form.

While some residents have expressed concerns about the new system, Chief García assures that once a report is filed online, it will be treated the same as if an officer had taken it in person. However, 911 should still be called for medical emergencies or crimes in progress.

Alternative Reporting Options

For residents without internet access, Dallas police 911 administrator Robert Uribe suggests using a phone to report a crime. Additionally, individuals can visit a Dallas police substation or a public library to use a kiosk and file the necessary form.

García claims that voluntary use of online reporting has already saved 51,000 patrol hours. However, recent police data shows an increase in response times for top-priority calls compared to the same period last year.

Despite the new reporting process, García acknowledges the need for more officers in Dallas. The department currently has 3,023 sworn officers, down from a peak of over 3,500. The city’s violent crime rate is also significantly higher than the national average.

Source: The Western Journal

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