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Vanderbilt hands over gender clinic records to TN AG amid billing fraud probe.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has caught the attention of the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office. The office is currently investigating the hospital for potential medical billing fraud, and VUMC has cooperated by turning over the medical records of its gender clinic patients.

The investigation was prompted by VUMC’s recent decision to comply with a new Tennessee law that prohibits the provision of cross-sex hormones and sex-change surgeries to minors. The Tennessee Attorney General’s office confirmed that it has the legal authority to request relevant patient medical records as part of its investigation.

John Howser, a spokesman for VUMC, stated, “VUMC was obligated to comply and did so.” While Tennessee law typically mandates the confidentiality of medical records, the investigation allows the Attorney General to pursue these records.

The disclosure of the medical records to the state has raised concerns among families, particularly regarding the privacy of their children. Chris Sanders, executive director of the Tennessee Equality Project, reported that parents of transgender children have expressed panic and fear over the situation. Sanders also mentioned that many are disappointed with VUMC for not putting up a stronger fight against the state.

Despite these concerns, VUMC clearly informs its patients that their information may be shared with law enforcement and other officials as required by law. The Tennessee Attorney General’s Chief of Staff, Brandon Smith, emphasized that the investigation is solely focused on VUMC’s billing practices and not the patients themselves.

The investigation into VUMC follows a contentious legislative session in Tennessee, during which lawmakers sought to ban transgender treatments for minors. This legislation was prompted by The Daily Wire’s investigation into VUMC’s gender clinic, which revealed concerning practices.

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