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Tucker Carlson may have a breach-of-contract case against Fox due to a call from the network’s lawyer.

Tucker Carlson’s Potential Breach-of-Contract Case Against Fox Stems from Phone Call by Network’s Lawyer: Report

A phone call from a Fox News attorney to an associate of Tucker Carlson earlier this month spearheaded accusations of breach of contract the former top-rated host has lodged against his former employer, according to a report.

The Allegations

Axios reported that two weeks after Carlson was inexplicably ousted by the cable news giant, his high-powered attorney Bryan Freedman accused Fox News of breach of contract and “fraud” in a letter it described as “aggressive.”

The report claimed Freedman sent Fox the letter on May 9 and that he accused the company of breaking an agreement not to disparage Carlson after he was fired on April 24.

Still, Freedman reportedly threatened potential legal action and declared Fox News had broken an agreement not “to take any adverse employment action against him” after his show was canceled.

Freedman also accused Fox Corporation CEO and founder Rupert Murdoch personally of acting “intentionally and with reckless disregard for the truth” regarding how the network handled the immediacy of Carlson’s exit.

The Leaks

Soon after his ouster, private messages and videos from Carlson’s time at Fox News began to leak to left-wing outlets such as The New York Times and Media Matters.

The leaks appeared as though they were meant to damage Carlson, but in fact worked to further endear him to loyal fans.

Regarding the leaks, Vinh reportedly wanted Carlson to know, through the intermediary, that those leaks were “not authorized” by anyone in a leadership position at the company.

Dinh also reportedly asked the individual he contacted to tell Carlson that Fox News public relations head Irena Briganti – whom Carlson reportedly had issues with – had been warned she would be “fired” if she were caught leaking anything negative to the media.

Carlson’s team came up with two initial prime suspects in former House Speaker Paul Ryan and hedge fund manager Anne Dias.

The Daily Caller reported Carlson’s team later eliminated Ryan as the person who had leaked to the press and believed Dias was the person who had worked to undermine him.

The Response

Freedman told The Daily Caller the leaks equated to a “smear campaign” against his client.

Per Axios’ initial reporting, Carlson wants out of his non-compete contract with Fox News immediately and not in January 2025, when it expires.

The reported admission from Dinh gave Freedman what he felt was ample evidence that Fox News had already breached the contract, which theoretically means Carlson is free and clear to pursue the next phase of his career.

No lawsuit has been filed by either party, but Carlson has announced he will begin airing some version of his show on Twitter in the coming weeks.

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