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Trump dismisses Biden campaign’s claim of him freezing during NRA speech as a ‘fake story

Former ⁢President Donald Trump refutes allegations of freezing⁢ during a speech,⁤ attributing it to disinformation spread by the Biden campaign. The incident occurred during a ⁤speech to the ⁤National Rifle Association, where he briefly paused before continuing. Online speculation about the incident mirrors criticisms aimed at President Joe Biden’s mental acuity during his events. Former President Donald Trump denies ⁣freezing during a ⁣speech, blaming the Biden campaign for spreading⁢ disinformation. The pause‌ happened during his speech at ‌the National Rifle Association event. Speculation ​online mirrors criticisms of President Joe Biden’s mental sharpness.

Former President Donald Trump has pushed back against claims he froze mid-speech over the weekend, saying the Biden campaign us pushing “disinformation.”

Trump delivered a speech to the National Rifle Association, during which he paused before the music started to play. Some online have stated that the former president froze mentally, a criticism some have made against President Joe Biden during some of his events.

“The Biden Campaign, however, put out a Fake Story that I ‘froze’ for 30 seconds, going into the ‘Musical Interlude’ section, when in actuality, the 30 to 60 second period of silence is standard in every one of my Speeches where we use the Music,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “Check out any of my Speeches! The reason they came up with this Disinformation is that Biden freezes all the time, can’t put two sentences together, and can rarely find his way off the stage without help.

Biden Harris HQ, a social media account that is connected to the Biden campaign, mocked Trump’s denial of freezing mid-speech, writing that “he did, in fact, freeze on stage.”

Trump routinely ends his speeches at rallies by talking over the same piece of instrumental music as was used at this address.

During his NRA speech, Trump stated that gun owners are a “rebellious bunch” and said they tend not to vote during elections. He added that they ought to be “rebellious and vote this time.”


Randy Kozuch, the executive director of the NRA’s lobbying arm, has since given the group’s endorsement to the former president. Trump previously received the NRA’s endorsement in 2016 and 2020.

Trump asked the crowd during his speech whether he ought to serve a third term as president and run again in 2028, should he win the election this November. A month earlier, the former president said he “wouldn’t be in favor of a challenge” to the 22nd Amendment, which has allowed a president to only serve two terms since 1951.

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