Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Pepper Sprays Man Stalking Him At Restaurant


Mayor of  Portland, Ted Wheeler, is in the news today after reports that he had to pepper spray someone who was accosting him at a restaurant.

This comes less than three weeks after he was assaulted by Antifa thugs while eating in a covid compliant tent outside of a restaurant in the ritzy Pearl District. Adding to the absurdity is Wheeler’s dinner guest: Former disgraced mayor and once-suspected statutory rapist, Sam Adams.

The Oregonian reports:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler blasted with pepper spray an unmasked man who confronted him and former Mayor Sam Adams with a video camera as the two left a pub Sunday night, the two men told police.

Wheeler and Adams had just finished dinner at the McMenamins Hillsdale Brewery & Public House on Southwest Sunset Boulevard around 8 p.m. when a man both described as middle-aged accused the current mayor of dining without a mask, according to a Portland Police Bureau report released Monday afternoon.

Wheeler said he told the person who accosted him and Adams that the pair had eaten in a tented area of the pub, which does not require face coverings under current coronavirus restrictions, the report said.

The man then followed Wheeler closely as he walked to his car, the mayor told police.

“He had no face mask on and got within a foot or two of my face while he was videoing me,” Wheeler said, according to the police report. “I became imminently concerned for my personal safety.”

The mayor continued: “I clearly informed him that he needed to back off. He did not do so I informed him that I was carrying pepper spray and that I would use it if he did not back off. He remained at close distance, I pulled out my pepper spray and I sprayed him in the eyes.”

Afterward, Wheeler said, he provided the man with a bottle of water to rinse his face.

Wheeler has angered local antifa terrorists by all of a sudden clamping down on the mass violence and destruction the group has been committing around the city for the better part of the last year. He has vowed to start using all tools at the city’s disposal to prevent the thugs from continuing to terrorize the city.

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