Trump vows to restore transgender military ban in New Hampshire speech.

Former ⁢President Donald Trump ‍Announces Military and VA Reforms

Former President Donald Trump recently unveiled his plans for the ​military ‍and the ‌Department of Veterans Affairs if he is elected president in 2024. One of his proposed‍ reforms includes banning transgender individuals⁣ from serving in the armed forces.

“I will ban the⁤ Department of Veterans Affairs from wasting a single cent to fund transgender surgeries ⁤or sex change procedures,” Trump declared to a cheering crowd in Windham, New Hampshire. “Our precious taxpayer dollars should be directed towards caring for our veterans in​ need, not funding radical gender experiments for the communist‌ Left.”

Trump’s Commitment to⁣ Veterans

During⁤ the rally, Trump also expressed his intention to reinstate the ban⁣ on transgender individuals in the military, which he initially ⁣implemented in ‌2017 during his presidency. However, President Joe Biden overturned this measure ⁣in⁤ his first month in office.

In ‍addition to the transgender ban, Trump vowed to prevent the⁢ military from becoming “woke” and promised to reinstate any service member who was fired for refusing to receive ‌a COVID-19 vaccine. He also ⁢criticized Governor Ron​ DeSantis of Florida for running against him‍ in 2024, despite Trump endorsing him in his first gubernatorial campaign.

Prior to the rally, the ​Trump campaign announced the formation of a “Veterans for Trump” coalition in New Hampshire. ⁢This coalition consists of⁤ 120 veterans who are supporting Trump in his third ⁤bid for the White House.

“When‌ President Donald Trump served as commander in ‍chief, our nation’s veterans had a leader who fought to ensure their service ‍and sacrifices were honored,” stated Marine Corps veteran John Coughlin,​ co-chairman⁢ of the ⁢coalition. “President Trump ​has always championed the men and women who served our nation, ensuring they received⁣ excellent care, benefits, and ⁤job opportunities. He held corrupt government bureaucrats accountable and ensured that the VA⁣ treated veterans with honor and dignity.”

Trump’s Pledge⁤ to ‍Improve ⁢Veteran Care

During the rally, Trump also made several promises to improve veteran care. He pledged to end ‍veteran homelessness, combat high suicide ​rates among veterans, and increase accountability within the VA.

Trump criticized Biden for not firing “corrupt” VA bureaucrats and announced his plan to allocate $200 million in back pay to VA employees. He also ‍expressed his intention ‍to⁢ request Congress to use those ​funds to construct‌ a state-of-the-art VA hospital ​in New Hampshire.

Trump’s Legal Issues and Unwavering Support

The‍ rally in New Hampshire marked Trump’s first public appearance in the state since being‌ indicted for a third time⁢ by⁢ a federal grand jury⁤ for alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 ‍presidential election. Throughout the rally, Trump repeatedly referred to the charges and attacked President Biden, whom he labeled as “crooked.”

Despite‍ his legal troubles, Trump continues to ​enjoy strong support in the Granite State. Recent polling indicates that he leads all other ⁢GOP 2024 rivals, with 43% of New Hampshire Republican primary voters backing him. The poll also revealed that a⁤ majority of ⁤voters would still ​support Trump even‍ if ​he were convicted of a felony ‍or incarcerated.

“As a pollster, I am ⁣amazed by the level of loyalty Trump generates,” ​remarked Co/efficient CEO Ryan Munce. “It will be challenging for any Republican candidate to sway these voters.”

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