Trump kept some boxes in the docs case because he doesn’t want to give them to NARA yet.

Former President Trump Defends Alleged Retention of Classified Documents

During a recent interview, President Trump passionately defended his alleged retention of classified national defense documents. He confidently stated that “every good lawyer” agrees with his assertion that he did nothing wrong.

Trump’s Remarks on Fox News

Trump made these remarks during an exclusive Fox News interview with anchor Bret Baier, which aired on Monday evening. He firmly stated, “The only way NARA could ever get this stuff, this back would be [to say], ‘Please, please, please could we have it back.'”

Why Trump Didn’t Hand Everything Back

When Baier questioned why Trump didn’t simply give everything back, potentially avoiding criminal charges, Trump responded with a simple explanation: “Because I had boxes.” He expressed his desire to go through the boxes and retrieve his personal belongings before handing them over to NARA. Trump also mentioned his busy schedule during that time.

Trump’s Mention of Vice President Pence

Trump brought up the fact that his vice president, Mike Pence, also possessed classified documents. However, Baier pointed out that Pence promptly turned them over to authorities. Trump countered, claiming that Pence only did so after his lawyers discovered the documents. He questioned why Pence had them in the first place and speculated about President Biden’s handling of classified information.

Trump’s Confidence in the Face of Charges

When Baier asked Trump if he was concerned about the 37 federal charges he faces, Trump confidently replied, “Based on the law? Zero. Zero.” He referenced the Presidential Records Act and the Clinton case, emphasizing that every good lawyer has supported his position.

Trump’s View on the Situation

Despite experts pushing back on his analysis, Trump characterized the situation as a weaponization of politics and the White House. He expressed his frustration, stating, “This was a horrible thing. A candidate that’s leading. I’m leading Biden by a lot. They go out and they weaponize. There is a horrible thing that was done.”

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