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The NSA Is Indoctrinating Employees With Radical Gender Ideology, Anti-White Racism, And America Hatred

NSA’s Woke Glossary: ⁣Brainwashing Employees with Radical Ideology

The National Security Agency (NSA) has created a comprehensive glossary of woke words and concepts for its employees, including terms like “anti-racist” and neopronouns such as “ze” and “zir.” This exclusive report from Daily Wire journalist Spencer Lindquist reveals that the NSA’s ⁤Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Glossary, a 35-page document, was leaked to the public.

The purpose of this glossary,⁣ according ⁤to the NSA, is to facilitate open and honest⁢ conversations and establish‍ a shared understanding. However, it seems that‍ alongside its data⁣ collection ‌activities, the NSA⁢ is indoctrinating⁣ its employees with ⁤radical leftist‍ ideology and⁤ conducting woke struggle⁣ sessions during work hours.

The glossary includes terms like “genderqueer,” “Gender binary,” “transmisogyny,” “two spirit,” “AFAB/AMAB: Assigned Female At Birth, Assigned ⁤Male At Birth,” and “Latinx.”

According to⁢ the NSA, a “demigender,” “demiboy,” or “demigirl” refers to an⁢ individual with ⁣a‍ partial connection to one or more genders. On the other hand, a “demisexual” is someone who only experiences sexual attraction after forming a strong emotional bond.

The term “pansexual,”​ derived⁢ from the transgender‌ movement, describes the potential for ​sexual attraction ​or romantic love towards people of all gender identities and biological sexes.

The ⁣NSA introduces the concept of “levels of privilege” based on how well transgender individuals are recognized as⁣ their preferred ⁢gender. The agency ⁣refers to an individual’s delusions of identifying​ against biological reality as living with their “correct ‍gender.”

The glossary also educates readers on sensitivity and flags ​”problematic” language. For instance, “sex change” is considered an outdated and offensive term, and “homosexual” is not the preferred term. The NSA​ suggests using “gay” for homosexual males and “lesbian” for homosexual females.

It remains⁢ unclear ⁣how any ​of this is relevant to national security.

Anti-White Racism

Alongside ‌its‌ peculiar sex and gender terminology, the glossary promotes racist ‌rhetoric, including the term “white fragility.” The NSA uses this term to⁢ condemn white individuals who do not apologize for ⁤their skin tone and fail to acknowledge their supposed inherent racism.

The ​NSA ⁢defines “white fragility” based⁢ on the​ work of pseudo-social scientist Robin DiAngelo, an unapologetic anti-white racist and author of the infamous book White Fragility. DiAngelo argues that all white​ people are⁤ inherently privileged and racist, regardless of their character ‌or experiences.

The NSA goes further ​in‌ its anti-white racism by defining “whiteness” as a broad social construction that grants material, political, economic,‌ and structural benefits to those deemed white. According to the NSA, a lack of melanin automatically makes people‍ oppressors.

If you work for ‌the ⁢NSA, claiming to be “color-blind” is discouraged. The agency considers color-blindness as disregarding racial characteristics and treating everyone equally, which it deems problematic. The NSA argues that ⁢treating people equally without considering historical oppression allows those in power to ignore the‌ ongoing effects of oppression.


The NSA’s DEI glossary not only promotes racism against white people but also exhibits anti-American sentiments. According to⁢ the NSA, “settler colonialism” refers to colonizing powers creating permanent‌ settlements on land owned or occupied by other‌ peoples,‍ often through force. The agency ‌specifically highlights the “white European occupations of land in what is now the United States” as an example of oppressive settler colonialism.

The NSA defines “decolonization” as the recognition of systems of ⁤oppression perpetuated by white Europeans. However, the document fails to acknowledge that people of all races and ⁣creeds have engaged⁣ in colonization, and colonization is not exclusive to white or European practices.

The glossary also criticizes the “historic oppressiveness of Eurocentric ‌tendencies ⁣in U.S. and European society.” However, it ​does not address Afrocentric or ⁤Arab-centric tendencies ⁢in‌ other regions.

Explicitly Marxist

Diversity,⁣ equity, and inclusion are central to cultural Marxism. The NSA defines equity as recognizing​ imbalances and making ‌adjustments to overcome intentional and unintentional barriers ‌arising from bias or systemic structures. Unlike equality,​ which​ means providing the same to all, equity requires addressing specific barriers.

For cultural Marxists, the solution‌ to perceived inequity involves ⁤massive wealth redistribution through reparations, the dismantling of “oppressive” Western values and traditions, and the institutionalization of prejudice ‌against those considered ⁤privileged. This ideology contradicts the principles of liberalism and ⁣Christianity upon which America was founded.

According to the NSA’s website, anti-American diversity and inclusion ‌strategies inform ‌their daily ​operations as they aim to be ‍a model for ‌diversity and equitable practices​ throughout the Federal Government.

Mission Creep

The NSA,⁣ a subagency of the Department of Defense responsible ‌for monitoring ⁢threats, is notorious for its⁢ illegal collection of personal phone data, rather than protecting Americans. Recent⁤ revelations, such as Missouri v. Biden, have exposed ‌multiple federal agencies targeting conservative Americans ⁣through tech censorship. The leaked glossary raises concerns that​ the NSA, already known for violating American rights, may also be targeting conservatives in its own capacity.

With ‌its glossary, struggle sessions, and DEI hiring practices, the NSA ​poses a real and serious threat to Americans’ privacy and liberty.

In what​ ways does the promotion of anti-white racism and criticism of Eurocentric culture by the NSA undermine the ​principles of equality ‍and fairness that should guide our society, and how does it impact the agency’s ‍credibility and impartiality

Culture” and ​suggests that it should be dismantled. It seems that the⁤ NSA ‌is pushing an agenda that not only ⁢promotes​ division based on ⁤race and ethnicity but also undermines the values and principles ‌upon ⁤which the United States was founded.

This leaked‍ glossary⁣ raises concerns about the politicization of government institutions like the ⁤NSA. Instead⁢ of focusing ‌on⁤ their core ‍mission of protecting⁣ national security, it appears that the agency is​ using its resources and influence to promote a specific ideology. This is a dangerous precedent that threatens the integrity and ‍impartiality​ of the agency.

The NSA’s efforts to indoctrinate⁣ its employees with ⁣radical leftist ideology and conduct woke struggle sessions during work hours is unacceptable. Government agencies should prioritize their duty to the‍ American people rather than pushing divisive and controversial ⁤political agendas.

Furthermore, the glossary’s focus on terms related to gender and sexuality seems irrelevant⁣ to the NSA’s mission. Terms like “genderqueer,”​ “demisexual,” and “pansexual” have no direct​ relevance to national security. While it may be important ⁢to foster inclusivity⁣ and diversity within the workforce,‍ it should not come ‍at the expense of ‌the agency’s primary responsibilities.

The glossary’s promotion of anti-white racism is deeply concerning. Labelling all white people as inherently privileged and racist,⁤ regardless of their ⁢character or ‌experiences, only serves to ​perpetuate a harmful and‍ divisive​ narrative. It undermines the principles‍ of equality and fairness that should guide our ‍society.

Additionally, the glossary’s anti-American sentiments​ and criticism of Eurocentric culture are alarming. ⁤While it ‌is​ crucial to acknowledge and learn from the mistakes⁤ and injustices of the past, ​it⁤ is equally ⁣important‌ to recognize the positive contributions ​and values that have shaped our nation. By dismissing and undermining these contributions, the NSA is undermining the very foundation of the United States.

In conclusion, the leaked NSA glossary reveals a⁢ concerning​ trend of politicization within the agency. Instead of focusing on its core mission of ⁤protecting national security, the NSA seems to be ⁣brainwashing⁤ its employees with radical ideology and pushing controversial agendas. This ⁣not only​ undermines the impartiality ​and ​integrity of the agency‍ but ‌also detracts from its primary responsibilities. It is crucial for government⁢ institutions to remain neutral and objective in order to effectively‍ serve​ the American people. The leaked glossary serves as a​ reminder of the importance⁤ of upholding these principles and resisting ⁢the infiltration of divisive ideologies into our public institutions.

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