Judge rules on conservatorship for Michael Oher, subject of ‘The Blind Side’, with foster parents.

Former NFL Player Michael Oher‍ Wins Court Case ​Against Foster Family

Former NFL⁤ player Michael Oher, who was famously ⁣portrayed‌ in the hit film “The Blind Side,”‍ has achieved a favorable⁢ outcome in‍ his legal battle against his foster family.

On⁤ Friday, Judge Kathleen Gomes of Shelby County, Tennessee, Probate ⁢Court terminated the conservatorship agreement that Oher had signed in 2004 with Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, according to The Associated ⁣Press.

Oher had⁤ agreed to the conservatorship⁤ when he‌ was 18 years⁤ old ⁤after ⁣the Tuohys took him in as ⁢a homeless high schooler. Now at the age of 37, he has ‌successfully challenged the validity‌ of the agreement.

Judge Shocked by Agreement

Judge Gomes expressed‍ her‌ surprise that the ⁤conservatorship agreement was ever approved in the first place.

In⁤ Tennessee, conservatorships are ​typically only granted if the individual is disabled ‌or ‌deemed‌ unfit ‌to make decisions, as reported by the AP.

Oher’s petition to terminate⁤ the conservatorship stated that it was approved “despite the fact that he was over⁤ 18 years old and had no diagnosed physical or⁤ psychological disabilities.”

Both⁢ sides of the dispute,‌ including the lawyers, ⁣agreed that the conservatorship should⁢ be ended, according ⁤to the AP.

Oher is ​now⁢ seeking​ a full accounting of the ‌profits made ‌by the Tuohys from “The Blind Side” and any money owed to‌ him, ⁢along with interest.

Accusations and Counterclaims

Oher has accused the Tuohys of keeping profits that rightfully belonged to ‌him and of falsely claiming‌ to have legally adopted him. He claims that⁣ he only recently discovered‌ the‍ true nature​ of ‍his legal relationship with the family, despite his own book acknowledging that they were‍ his conservators, not‌ his adoptive parents.

On the other hand, the Tuohys have accused‌ Oher of attempting ‍to extort money ⁤from them. They⁢ assert that they treated‍ him as one of​ their own children and deny any intention to profit from ⁢his story.

Martin Singer, the attorney representing the ⁤Tuohys, dismissed Oher’s allegations as “outlandish” and claimed⁣ that Oher had threatened to⁣ tarnish their reputation unless they paid him $15 million.

The Tuohys admit to referring to Oher as their son but argue that it was⁤ meant in a‌ colloquial sense and not as a legal designation. They ⁢maintain that they ‍became his ⁤conservators to ⁣ensure his eligibility to play football at the University of Mississippi.

Oher, ​who was drafted 23rd overall in the 2009 NFL draft and played for the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, ‌and Carolina Panthers, seeks resolution in this ongoing legal⁣ battle.

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A Battle for Ownership

This ⁣legal battle between ‍Michael ‌Oher and his‍ former foster ‌family,⁣ the Tuohys, revolves around the ownership and financial rights to Oher’s story, which was portrayed in the film “The Blind Side.”

Oher alleges​ that⁢ the Tuohys kept‍ profits that should have ⁢been rightfully his.⁣ He claims that they falsely‌ claimed to have legally adopted ‍him and has now demanded ⁢a ⁤full accounting of their profits and any money owed to him. Oher’s‍ petition ⁤to‌ terminate the conservatorship‍ agreement is a significant step towards resolving this​ dispute.

On the other hand, the Tuohys ⁤deny Oher’s allegations of withholding profits ‍and​ insist that they treated him as a member of their family. ⁤They argue that their role as conservators was purely for ‍the purpose ‌of ensuring his eligibility to play football in college.

Controversial Conservatorship Approval

The ⁤termination of the conservatorship agreement raises questions about its ⁢initial approval. Judge Gomes expressed surprise that⁣ such ⁤an agreement was ever granted considering Oher’s age and lack of physical or ⁤psychological disabilities. In Tennessee, conservatorships are typically only granted to⁢ individuals who require ⁣assistance due to disabilities or ⁤incapacity.

Both parties‍ and their lawyers agree that‍ the conservatorship ⁣should be terminated, indicating‍ a ⁤consensus on this matter.

Extortion Allegations

The legal⁣ battle has taken a contentious turn with allegations of extortion. Oher’s⁣ lawyer claims that ⁣the ​Tuohys have falsely accused him ‍of attempting to extort money⁢ from them. They assert⁢ that⁣ Oher demanded‍ $15 million, threatening ⁢to tarnish their reputation if⁣ they did not comply.

Oher’s allegations and the‌ Tuohys’ counterclaims add a layer of complexity to​ the legal proceedings, making resolution⁢ more challenging.

Looking Ahead

As this legal battle unfolds, ‌Michael Oher ‍seeks ⁢resolution and rightful⁢ ownership of his⁤ story. ‌The termination of the conservatorship⁤ agreement is a ‌significant step forward for⁣ him, allowing him ‌to pursue his claims against the ⁢Tuohys.

The outcome of this case will not only have⁤ financial implications for both ‍parties but also shed light on the​ complexities of foster care, adoption, and⁣ the rights of individuals ‌whose ‌stories become the subject​ of public attention and commercial success.

It remains to be seen how the court will rule on Oher’s demands ​for a full accounting​ of profits and any money owed to him from the film. The resolution of this case could set a precedent‍ for similar disputes ⁤in the future.

For now, Michael‌ Oher ​continues to navigate the legal system in search​ of justice and ⁢closure in a battle that goes beyond the football field.

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