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Overseas McDonald’s ad reveals company’s true intentions

People See​ Wholesome‍ Overseas McDonald’s Ad, Realize What the Company’s Doing Here

A McDonald’s advertisement in a ⁣foreign country is going‍ viral ⁤after people realized just how different it is from advertisements​ here.

On Wednesday, McDonald’s⁣ Japan released a⁣ cute and wholesome ad on ‍social media that⁣ showed an anime family happily enjoying a meal from McDonald’s while ​spending quality time together.

This simple advertisement‌ immediately went viral internationally, especially among Americans.

On⁤ the surface, it is hard to see why such a simple ad⁤ made such waves.

One journalist, however,⁤ had an answer: Westerners have forgotten what it means for a company to ​have messaging that appeals to the ⁣human experience. Instead of that, we’re subjected to divisive, politically-charged virtue signaling.

Compare this‌ Japanese advertisement to an ad released by McDonald’s in 2020 that featured a‍ black⁣ transgender activist who goes by the ⁤name of Imara Jones saying, “Black trans women have a very simple message: Stop killing us.”

The theme of the bizarre⁤ advertisement, as well as the timing,​ suggests that this was ⁤McDonald’s way of pandering to the woke ‌left in the⁢ wake of the death of George Floyd.

It‍ is unclear how McDonald’s thought that this ad would help bring in more customers or sell more food, ‌especially with how politically divided the nation was and still ​is.

With this⁤ in ‍mind, I think it​ is ​correct to say that the ​Japanese anime ad appeals to Westerners because it ⁣is wholesome and unifying, compared to the divisive‍ political “ads” that ⁣companies in the West‍ produce today.

Should McDonald’s ⁢change​ its strategy toward American consumers?

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Frankly, ‌advertisements in the West are no longer advertisements, but rather⁤ vehicles for leftist propaganda.

This is not to say ‌that McDonald’s or any major company ⁢should be⁣ holding the​ conservative line in​ the culture wars.

It‌ is a⁣ fast-food company, and its first ⁢priority should be‍ making good food, not creating divisive political messaging.

The Japanese McDonald’s has⁣ realized this. The‌ American company should take​ a lesson from this.

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In what ways does‍ the Japanese ⁢ad’s focus on shared experiences and family appeal ​to the​ core of being human, and⁣ how does this differ from politically-charged advertisements?

McDonald’s Japan ⁤recently released an advertisement that has garnered ⁢a lot of attention from people⁤ all around the world. The ad, which features an anime family happily ​enjoying a meal at McDonald’s ⁣while spending quality⁢ time together, has struck a chord with many viewers.

Upon first glance, it may⁤ be difficult to ⁤understand why such a simple ​ad has made such a ⁣lasting impression. However,‌ one‍ journalist believes ⁣that the reason behind its‌ success lies in the fact that Western advertisements have lost touch ⁢with appealing to the​ human experience. Instead, we⁢ are bombarded with ⁤divisive, politically-charged​ messaging.

To illustrate this point, ⁢let’s‌ compare the⁢ Japanese ad⁣ to a 2020 McDonald’s ad featuring a black transgender activist⁢ named Imara ​Jones. In that ad, Jones states, “Black trans women have a ​very simple message: Stop killing us.” The ⁢message in this advertisement, along with its timing, suggests that it was McDonald’s attempt at ​pandering to the woke left​ following the death of George Floyd.

It is unclear how McDonald’s thought this ad would resonate with⁢ customers or increase sales, especially in⁣ a politically divided nation. Many⁤ viewers responded with criticisms, stating that they simply wanted ‍their ‌orders to be accurate or for the‌ food to be​ of good quality, rather than⁤ being bombarded with social⁣ issues.

In⁢ contrast, the Japanese anime ad depicts a⁢ simple, wholesome moment shared by a family. It focuses on the joy ⁣of spending time together and enjoying a‌ meal as a unit. This kind of messaging⁣ appeals to⁢ the core of being human – the ⁤importance of relationships and‍ shared⁤ experiences.

The stark difference between these two ads has led many to realize how disconnected Western advertisements have become ​from the wholesome,⁤ relatable⁤ messaging that the Japanese ad‌ captures. ‍It⁤ serves ‌as a reminder that ⁢companies should strive to‌ appeal to the human⁢ experience​ and⁣ connect with their audience on a genuine, emotional level.

In conclusion, the viral success⁢ of McDonald’s Japan’s anime ad highlights the significance of⁢ wholesome messaging that ⁣speaks to the core of being ⁢human.⁢ It sheds light on the need⁢ for companies to reassess their approach and focus on relatable, genuine content ⁤that​ resonates with their target audience. Perhaps this will inspire a ⁤shift in advertising ‍strategies and lead to more meaningful connections between ⁢brands and consumers.

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