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LA Dodgers, Anti-Christian, Bud Light treatment deserved.

Los Angeles Dodgers Reinvite Anti-Catholic LGBT Group to “Pride Night”

The Los Angeles Dodgers have reinvited the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a radical anti-Catholic LGBT group, to its “Pride Night” game next month. The group’s drag members mock Catholicism by dressing up as so-called “queer and trans nuns.” The MLB team was originally slated to present the group with a “Community Hero Award,” but after receiving backlash from fans, Catholic groups, and Sen. Marco Rubio, the Dodgers announced that the Sisters would no longer be honored at the event. However, the team reversed course on Monday, reinviting the organization to take part in the June 16 event.

Despite being informed of the Sisters’ mockery and disdain of Catholicism, the Dodgers still went ahead with the decision to reinvite the drag group to the game. The Dodgers’ embrace of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is just one of the many instances of corporations displaying their outward disdain for Christians in recent years.

Christian-Hating Entities Don’t Deserve Your Time or Money

What corporate entities like the L.A. Dodgers and Target are doing isn’t inclusive; it’s exclusive. They’re exhibiting their committed loyalty to the nation’s LGBT mob. And if doing so means disrespecting the beliefs and values of millions of Christians in the process, then so be it.

Fortunately, the ongoing Bud Light boycott demonstrated that religious Americans don’t have to take this mockery lying down. There’s no reason these tactics shouldn’t be employed against institutions like the Dodgers. Stop giving them money. Stop watching games. Financially bleed them to the point where events like “Pride Night” become nothing more than a distant memory.

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