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Dr. Mary Bowden fights for medical freedom in Texas by suing the mandators.

Challenging Vaccine Mandates: A Doctor’s ⁤Perspective

“Mandates go completely against‍ medical ethics, bodily autonomy, first do no harm. We have⁤ safe and effective treatment ⁤using off-label medications, such as ivermectin, that obviate the need for a vaccine.”

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, ⁣an ENT specialist, has found herself at the center of controversy ⁢after speaking⁢ out against vaccine mandates and prescribing ‌ivermectin to her patients. Her bold stance has led ⁤to her suspension⁢ from Houston Methodist Hospital and a report to the ‌Texas Medical Board.

“It is inconceivable to me that your employer can tell you what you have to inject in⁢ your body. It’s‍ just complete insanity,” says​ Dr. Bowden, highlighting the ethical concerns surrounding vaccine mandates.

Undeterred by the consequences, Dr. Bowden is now taking ​legal‍ action against the FDA, arguing that their intervention in the doctor-patient relationship exceeds their authority.

Dr. Bowden ​emphasizes the common ⁣practice of using off-label medications, citing the example of Neurontin or gabapentin. ‍While ‌the FDA‌ approves it for three specific uses, there are actually 22 off-label uses that many doctors rely on. She questions why the FDA targets ivermectin online but not other off-label medications⁢ like Neurontin.

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