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Dr. Mary Bowden fights for medical freedom in Texas, premiering at 9PM ET on ATL:NOW.

Challenging Vaccine Mandates:⁢ A Doctor’s Perspective

“Mandates go completely against medical ethics, bodily autonomy, first do no ⁢harm. ⁣We have safe ​and effective treatment using off-label medications, such as ivermectin, that obviate the need for a vaccine.”

Dr. Mary ‌Talley⁣ Bowden, an⁣ ENT specialist, ⁢has‌ found herself at the center of controversy after speaking out against vaccine mandates and ⁣prescribing ivermectin to⁢ her patients. Her bold stance ⁣has led​ to her suspension from Houston Methodist Hospital ​and a ⁤report to the Texas Medical⁣ Board.

“It is inconceivable to me that your employer can tell you what you have to inject in your body. It’s just complete insanity,” says Dr.‌ Bowden, highlighting the ethical concerns surrounding vaccine mandates.

Undeterred by the consequences, Dr. Bowden is now taking ​legal action against⁣ the⁢ FDA, arguing that their ⁣intervention‍ in the doctor-patient relationship exceeds their authority.

Dr. Bowden emphasizes the common practice of ⁣using off-label‍ medications, citing the example of Neurontin or gabapentin. While the FDA approves it for three specific uses, there are ​actually 22 off-label uses that many doctors rely on. She questions ⁤why the FDA targets ivermectin online but not other off-label medications like Neurontin.

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