‘Sound Of Freedom’ screenings canceled at U.S. Southern Command.

“Sound⁤ of Freedom” Screenings at U.S. Southern Command Canceled

The highly anticipated screenings ​of the film “Sound‌ of ⁢Freedom” at the military’s U.S. Southern Command have⁣ been unexpectedly pulled. Initially, military members and their families were excited to have⁢ the opportunity​ to watch ​this powerful film that sheds light on the‍ horrors of human⁢ trafficking.

The decision to cancel the ‍screenings came as a‌ surprise, especially since the film was intended ⁤to support SOUTHCOM’s mission of promoting respect for human rights and combating⁤ trafficking in Central and South ​America and⁣ the​ Caribbean. According to Joanne B. Fitzgerald, the U.S.‍ Army Garrison-Miami manager, the film ‍was scheduled to be shown at the headquarters of SOUTHCOM.

However, it is important to note that⁢ the cancellation does​ not⁢ imply⁤ any endorsement or support from the U.S. Army or SOUTHCOM, as stated at the bottom of the material. The screenings were initially planned for August 28 and October 19.

When the Military Times reached out for more information ⁣about the⁤ screenings, ⁢SOUTHCOM explained that⁣ they had been canceled until further notice to prevent ‌any potential copyright infringement. This​ decision disappointed many who were looking forward to watching the film.

The email sent to the base personnel mentioned that the film is ⁤currently available to view at local theaters, encouraging them and their families‍ to watch it there instead. The film’s central theme and⁣ its connection to ⁢SOUTHCOM’s Human Rights Office ⁤Combatting Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) program are⁣ undeniable and will help raise awareness about ⁢the prevalence of human⁢ trafficking ⁣and sexual abuse within​ their area of responsibility.

SOUTHCOM spokesman Jose Ruiz emphasized the importance of the film’s subject matter, stating⁤ that it aligns with⁢ the command’s⁤ mission of countering transnational criminal organizations. He highlighted the exploitation and violation of human rights⁤ that occur as these organizations ⁤prey on the hopes of migrants, sometimes leading to ‍tragic outcomes.

“Sound of​ Freedom” ⁢is produced by⁢ Angel ⁣Studios, ⁣the same company behind the popular⁢ faith-based television series, “The⁣ Chosen.” ⁤Based on a true story, the ⁣film stars Jim Caviezel ⁣as⁣ Tim ⁣Ballard, a federal agent who courageously⁤ leaves his job to embark on a​ dangerous mission to rescue‍ a young girl ‌from ​sex ⁢slavery in South America.

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