ROOKE: Obama Achieved His Goals with His Support for Biden

The text ​suggests⁣ that someone⁣ pointed out an instance where President ‌Biden appeared to be experiencing difficulties or a malfunction, often referred ⁢to colloquitially as a “glitchy moment.” Yes,⁤ President Biden, like any public figure,‍ can sometimes have moments during speeches or public appearances where he⁤ might seem to‌ stumble or have difficulty. These moments can happen for a variety of reasons such as fatigue, misspeaking, or the complexities ⁣of managing public and political communication.‌ Such incidents ⁣can attract attention from media and the public,⁣ especially ‌if⁣ they seem unusual or indicative of something more concerning. However, it’s also‍ important to consider the context and the broader scenario before drawing any conclusions ⁣about his overall capability or health.

‘he made it glaringly obvious that Biden was having another one of his glitchy moments’

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