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GOP Governor Declines Re-Election Bid in Key Swing State

New⁤ Hampshire⁢ Governor‍ Chris ‌Sununu ‌Announces He‌ Will ‍Not ⁤Seek Re-election⁣ in 2024

In ‍an email to his supporters, ⁢New ​Hampshire’s Republican Governor ‌Chris ⁣Sununu‌ revealed that he ⁤will not be running for re-election⁣ in 2024.⁣ This decision ⁤comes after Sununu⁣ had previously considered a presidential⁤ bid, as‍ reported ‌by⁤ POLITICO.

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“After ‍discussions with ​Valerie and the​ kids ‌and much consideration, ​I have decided‌ not⁢ to ‌run for another term as Governor ⁣in 2024,” Sununu wrote. “Public‍ service should ‌never be ​a career, and ​the​ time⁤ is ⁢right for⁤ another​ Republican⁣ to​ lead our great ⁢state.”

Sununu, who⁤ is currently serving his​ fourth ⁤term after being elected⁢ in 2016, hinted⁢ at his ⁤retirement during a June interview. Despite his‍ popularity ⁣in the Granite ​State, ⁤winning each election ‍with ⁤sizable majorities, Democrats believe it is time for a change. They ⁢point ⁢to⁣ Sununu’s ​alleged ⁤failures‌ on⁣ issues such as⁤ the housing crisis, attacks ​on ‍public education,‍ and ⁤abortion restrictions.

The announcement ⁢of Sununu’s retirement has​ sparked ⁢excitement in New England’s‍ only purple state, with⁤ Democrats ⁤seeing this⁢ as ‌their ​best opportunity⁢ in ‍eight years⁢ to⁣ regain ‍the governorship. ‍Already, Manchester⁤ Mayor Joyce Craig and Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington have⁢ declared​ their‍ candidacies.

On the Republican⁣ side, former ‌New Hampshire ⁤state Senate⁣ President ⁣Chuck Morse ⁣wasted‌ no time⁢ in announcing his campaign for​ governor.‌ Former U.S. Senator ‍Kelly Ayotte ⁤also expressed gratitude to Sununu ‌for his leadership and hinted ⁣at a‍ potential ​run, emphasizing the ​need⁣ for a tough and tested conservative to ⁣preserve‌ the state’s safety,⁢ prosperity, and freedom.

Ayotte, ‌who ​refused to endorse Donald Trump in ⁣2016‌ and subsequently ‍lost ‍her​ Senate ⁢seat, ⁢is ​currently the frontrunner⁢ in⁤ the Republican⁤ primary. A recent poll shows her ‌leading Morse ‍by a ⁤significant margin, and an‍ Ayotte-affiliated PAC⁢ has already raised ⁤substantial funds for a gubernatorial⁣ bid.

With these⁣ developments, political⁢ analysts ⁣at Larry Sabato’s ⁣Crystal Ball‌ have changed their rating ‌for⁤ the New Hampshire governor’s race⁣ from “Likely​ Republican” to “Toss-Up.”

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