The Continuous Media COVID Fear Mongering May BACKFIRE and Diminish Democrat Voter Turnout

The Continuous Media COVID Fear Mongering May BACKFIRE and Diminish Democrat Voter Turnout

The Democrats are in a catch-22.  They keep promoting the China Coronavirus (COVID) as the worst pandemic since the ‘Black Plague’ but then they want people to come out and vote.  And their candidate is 47-year politician Joe Biden who’s caught up in corruption with China, where COVID originated. 

The media over the past two days were promoting the story line that the China coronavirus was having its worst day ever.  The number of new cases had reached all-time highs.  Far left reported:

On Monday morning the U.S. president kicked off his week by retweeting a post that “everyone is lying” about COVID-19, including the media, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and even America’s doctors.

The facts, however, suggest it is the Trump administration that is lying: The pandemic is accelerating worldwide, and especially in the United States.

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In total, 37 U.S. states are seeing infections rising, a fact that helped contribute to what the World Health Organization called the worst day for new coronavirus infections ever.

The global health watchdog said 230,370 new cases were recorded in 24 hours — a record daily increase. South East Asia, Europe, and Africa accounted for some 70,000 cases, but the Americas continue to make up the largest proportion, with over 140,000 cases on Sunday alone.

The Hill reported on hospitalizations

Multiple analysts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also recently reported that there could be an increase in hospitalizations across the country over the next month.

This is a weird strategy for the Democrats – blame President Trump for the coronavirus which originated in China and keep telling Americans that COVID is very much alive.

On the one hand Democrats would love to attach this horrible virus to President Trump.  They placed a hurricane on former Republican President George W. Bush, so they know the media will go along with whatever they say. (But the President has a good argument in that the original estimates were 2.2 million in deaths and there have only been a little over 219,000 deaths related to COVID to date.)

The Democrats also want to keep the virus alive so that they can argue for mail in ballots which are ripe for corruption (i.e. see what ballot harvesting did to Orange County in the 2018 election turning a number of red congressional seats to blue).

But on the downside, the Democrats’ and their media’s fear mongering have an affect on who will come out and vote Democrat.  A recent poll shows Democrats are scared of their shadow when it comes to COVID despite the fact that the mortality rate on this virus is similar to that of the flu.  Gallop reports:

Democrats are scared of their shadow when it comes to the China coronavirus.  This is not good.  The Democrats need their prior in-person votes along with their fraudulent mail-in votes to beat President Trump.

The Democrats are in a quandary.  They have frozen their base with fear over the China coronavirus so much so that they won’t leave their residences but they need these same people to come out and vote with a large crowd of people.  What a messed up party and strategy.

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