Gaetz says McCarthy ‘likely’ to survive initial vote to remove him.

U.S. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (L) talks to Rep.-elect Matt Gaetz (R-FL) in​ the House Chamber after Gaetz voted present during the fourth day of voting for Speaker of the House at the U.S. ‍Capitol Building on January 06, ‌2023 in Washington, ‍DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

OAN’s James​ Meyers
2:55 PM – ⁢Monday, October 2, 2023

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz⁤ concedes that ​House Speaker Kevin ‌McCarthy can survive ‌a⁢ conservative​ effort to “oust him from power.” However,⁤ Gaetz​ suggests⁢ that ⁤McCarthy⁤ may ⁤have to rely on Democrats to maintain⁣ his position, which could‌ weaken his relationship ⁢with the GOP.


During a press‍ conference on the steps of the Capitol, Gaetz states, “Kevin McCarthy’s‍ true coalition partner ​on all things ​of substance has ⁣been the Democrats ‍this ​Congress. If Kevin ⁤McCarthy works for ​Democrats and utilizes Democrats in order to keep power, that would be consistent⁢ with everything we’ve seen from him.”

Gaetz has been pushing to oust the speaker⁢ through the congressional mechanism⁣ to⁢ vacate the chair, which allows ⁣any‍ member to call⁤ for a new speaker election. The move to remove McCarthy gained traction after he relied on Democrat votes to prevent a government‍ shutdown.

Furthermore, Gaetz hints at the possibility of ​the House holding votes on providing more aid ⁢to Ukraine as another reason to remove McCarthy. He concludes⁢ by saying, “Members of the Republican Party might vote differently on a motion‍ to vacate if they heard⁢ what the speaker ‍had to share with us about his⁤ secret side deal with⁤ Joe Biden on Ukraine. I’ll⁢ be listening. Stay tuned.”

If the initial attempt ⁣to remove McCarthy fails, ​Gaetz vows to continue calling for votes‍ to remove him from his position. McCarthy responds to the‍ possibility of multiple votes by stating, ​”I think if somebody does ‍dilatory tactics,⁣ I don’t think our members⁢ will want ⁤to keep doing it.”

When⁢ asked if he would back​ down, Gaetz explains that he plans to file a motion to vacate when more lawmakers ⁣are present. He adds,⁢ “No one’s in town. It’s Monday on⁢ a fly-in day at noon. I think we’ll have more folks‌ later ⁣this afternoon.”

Despite the challenges, McCarthy ⁢and his allies ‍remain confident that they can withstand⁣ any attempts to oust him. ⁢Gaetz⁢ mentions ‌Majority Leader Steve Scalise as a potential⁤ replacement for McCarthy but does not endorse⁤ anyone ‌specifically.

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‌ What are ⁢the⁤ potential consequences of McCarthy’s use of Democrat votes⁣ to prevent a government shutdown?

Kevin McCarthy, but Scalise has repeatedly stated that he supports McCarthy as⁣ Speaker.

This ongoing battle within the GOP has highlighted the divide⁢ between conservative and establishment Republicans. While McCarthy has been able to maintain‍ his position with the support of‌ Democrats, it has raised questions about his loyalty to his own party. Gaetz and others argue that relying on Democrats undermines the conservative agenda and weakens their ability to push for important policy changes.

The push to remove McCarthy gained traction ‌after he used Democrat‍ votes to prevent​ a government shutdown. This move was⁤ seen by many conservatives as a betrayal of their principles and a surrender ⁣to the Democrats’ demands. Gaetz and others have seized on ‍this opportunity‌ to ⁢call for a new speaker election ⁤and replace McCarthy​ with someone they believe will be more committed to conservative​ values.

Gaetz has also hinted⁢ at ​the possibility of McCarthy’s involvement in a secret side ⁢deal with Joe Biden on Ukraine. While he ⁤has not⁤ provided any evidence to support this ‍claim,⁢ Gaetz suggests that if members of the Republican​ Party were aware of this ⁣deal, they might be more inclined to vote to vacate ‌the speaker position.

McCarthy, for his ‌part, remains confident that he can withstand any attempts to oust him. He has​ dismissed the⁣ possibility of multiple votes to remove him, stating that he doesn’t think the party ​members will want ‍to continue with dilatory tactics. However, Gaetz has‌ made it clear that he will ⁣not back down and ⁣plans to file a motion to vacate when more lawmakers are present.

Despite the ongoing battle, it remains​ to be seen whether McCarthy will be⁤ able to maintain his position as ‍Speaker of the House. ​The outcome of this internal struggle within the​ GOP could have significant implications not only for the party but​ also for the future of conservative ​policy-making in Congress.

In conclusion, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has conceded that House Speaker Kevin ​McCarthy can survive a conservative effort to oust him from power. However, Gaetz ⁤suggests that McCarthy may have to rely on Democrats to ​maintain his⁤ position, which could⁣ weaken his relationship with the GOP. Gaetz has been pushing‌ to remove McCarthy⁢ through ⁤the⁣ congressional mechanism‍ to vacate the chair and has hinted at the possibility of McCarthy’s involvement in a ​secret side deal with Joe Biden on Ukraine. Despite the challenges,⁣ McCarthy and his allies remain confident that they can withstand any attempts to⁤ remove him. The outcome of this battle within the GOP will have significant implications for the party and conservative policy-making in Congress.

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