Rand Paul advises Trump to abandon Mike Johnson’s Ukraine proposal, warning of potential loss of support if he proceeds

Last week, Donald Trump, ⁤the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, met with House‌ Speaker Mike ⁤Johnson at Mar-a-Lago amid ⁢House GOP tensions. Senator Rand Paul urged Trump to reconsider ‍Johnson’s Ukraine plan, warning of potential loss ‍of support if he proceeds. The full​ post can be found on The Western Journal​ website. Last week,⁣ Donald Trump,‌ the presumptive Republican ​presidential nominee, engaged with House ⁢Speaker Mike Johnson at Mar-a-Lago amidst House GOP tensions. Senator Rand Paul ‌advised Trump to rethink Johnson’s Ukraine⁢ strategy,⁣ cautioning about potential support loss if he moves ⁢forward.⁢ For further details, visit ​The Western Journal website.

Last week, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hosted House Speaker Mike Johnson at his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida amid tensions in the House Republican caucus and gave the speaker […]

The post Rand Paul Urges Trump to Ditch Mike Johnson’s Ukraine Plan, Says He’ll Lose Support if He Doesn’t appeared first on The Western Journal.

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