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Ohio academy accused of informing FBI after parents reveal left-wing curriculum, financial mismanagement: report.

Private School in Ohio Accused of Targeting Mothers Who Exposed Critical Race Theory

A private school in Ohio is facing allegations of alerting law enforcement after two mothers exposed the school’s curriculum teachings and financial mismanagement. Amy Gonzalez and Andrea Gross filed a complaint against Columbus Academy, located just outside Columbus, Ohio, and the school’s headmaster Melissa Soderberg. The complaint accuses the school of intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil conspiracy, and violation of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act.

Protecting Children and Uncovering Financial Wrongdoings

Gonzalez stated in a news release, “This lawsuit is a result of two years of concerted work to protect our children against the conspiracy concocted by CA and some of their members. Expelling our innocent children is retaliatory in nature and in an effort to indirectly squelch our efforts in uncovering these financial wrongdoings.”

The complaint alleges that the academy expelled Gonzalez and Gross’s children, both in 6th grade at the time, without warning or discussion in 2021. The school also launched a bullying campaign against the families by reporting them as “potential threats” and portraying them as “violent and racists” to local and federal authorities.

Irregularities in Finances and Bullying Based on Political Beliefs

During the pandemic, the mothers noticed irregularities in how the school handled its finances. They alleged that money was segregated for certain minority groups while certain establishment members wrongfully benefitted from their association with the school. The complaint also claims that some students were intimidated and bullied based on their political beliefs, with one teacher allegedly refusing to communicate with anyone who supported former President Donald Trump.

The mothers told Fox News that their requests for transparency regarding the school’s curriculum and fiduciary compliance were met with an “overreaction” from the academy. The school’s response was described as “predatory alienation.”

Retaliation and Destruction of Reputations

The academy’s campaign against Gonzalez and Gross’s families caused the community to turn against them, leading Gross’s daughter to enroll in another school outside the state. The complaint alleges that the academy’s actions were retaliation to prevent further inquiry into the school’s financial wrongdoing. It states that the academy’s head of security filed a false police report against the mothers with the Gahanna Police Department.

The complaint also highlights a faculty meeting where the FBI’s involvement was disclosed, leading to an environment of suspicion and mistrust. The academy denied all allegations, stating that they are without legal merit or factual basis.

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