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‘Campus Turmoil: Post-George Floyd and AI Bias Threat’ – Cornell Law Professor Bill Jacobson’s New Premiere, 8/31, 9PM ET.

Examining the Threat of Group Identity and AI Algorithms in Higher Education

“Group results are going to be baked into the system without any regard for the ⁤individual. And it’s going to take place ‌at such a deep level that it will be very hard to prove. ⁣The administrator at Cornell or Harvard or Yale⁢ can say, ‘I ‍know nothing about this.‍ We don’t discriminate. We’re just using software that says it’s bias-free. Don’t sue me!'”

In this engaging episode, I had the privilege of sitting down with Cornell law professor William Jacobson.⁢ As the only openly conservative faculty member out of Cornell’s 1,700, he has ​faced threats, harassment, and organized campaigns to remove him from the school for‍ over a decade.

“The⁣ one​ diversity that you ⁣will never hear implemented on campuses is diversity of viewpoint,” asserts Mr.⁤ Jacobson.

Mr. Jacobson‌ is not only the founder of the Legal Insurrection blog and foundation, but also a staunch advocate against DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) discrimination in ⁤higher​ education, medical schools, ‌and the corporate world.

“When you look at these DEI statements, they⁤ not only require you to recite that you ‌agree with this, they⁤ also ⁢want you to show how you have tailored your career to advance it,” explains Mr. Jacobson.

During our conversation, we delve into the alarming rise of critical race⁤ theory‍ on ⁤college campuses and its infiltration into other institutions. We emphasize ⁣the significance of‍ prioritizing individuality over group identity. Additionally,‌ we explore the recent Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action and the looming threat of AI algorithms infused ‍with DEI principles.

“Right ⁢now, we’re on the cusp of this explosion of baked-in quotas through technology. Now is the time that people have to learn about it,” warns Mr. Jacobson.

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