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Prostitution Spreads in California Following Dem-Backed Law Allowing 24/7 Sex Markets

Californians Upset Over Barely-Clothed ​Prostitutes ⁢Roaming⁢ the Streets ⁢in Broad Daylight

Californians are voicing their concerns about the presence of barely-clothed prostitutes openly parading the streets during the day.⁢ This issue has been further exacerbated by the signing of Senate Bill 357 by Democratic Gov. ​Newsom, according to ‍local⁢ officials.

SB 357,​ authored by Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener and supported by the ACLU, decriminalizes “loitering with⁢ intent to commit prostitution.” Critics‍ argue that this law ‍effectively legalizes prostitution in California.

Outrage Over the Law

National City Mayor ⁣Ron Morrison, an independent, recently criticized ‌the law, stating that prostitutes are now “wearing less than what you would‍ consider a scanty‌ negligee” and “flaunting⁢ it in everybody’s face.”

Morrison​ also expressed concern that the law restricts law enforcement, claiming that ‍”the ⁤moment” the bill⁤ was⁢ signed, “everyone knew the rules were out the window.”

Police Struggles

San ‍Diego Police Chief David Nisleit⁢ revealed that the law has made it extremely difficult ‍for police to intervene.⁤ He explained that previously, they could use the charge of “loitering with intent” to engage with‌ individuals involved in sex‍ trafficking. However, with the decriminalization‌ of this charge,​ they​ no longer have a means to make contact.

Chief Nisleit emphasized the consequences ‍of the law, stating, “What we’re⁢ seeing‌ now is we have ​these open sex markets, 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year.”

Concerns⁣ for Public Safety

Residents have captured⁢ video footage ⁤of women walking the streets in g-strings, bras, and ​high heels, even bending over in traffic. ‌They have⁢ lodged complaints about the noise, fighting, drug use, and the inappropriate nature of such behavior around children. Additionally, there are‌ worries that these women may be victims of sex trafficking.

Impact ⁤on​ Trafficking Victims

Chief‌ Nisleit​ highlighted that the law emboldens those involved in trafficking, particularly younger women, making it much harder to rescue⁢ victims. He emphasized that decriminalization ‍does not ‌eliminate the impact on victims or the community; in ⁢fact,‌ it can exacerbate the‌ situation.

Wiener, ‌the ⁢author of the legislation, claims that it ‌aims to⁢ protect “trans and black and brown women” who face harassment from the police⁤ due to their identity.

Efforts to Repeal the Law

Anti-sex⁣ trafficking advocates and​ local leaders, including members from both the Democratic and Republican parties,​ are currently working to repeal SB357.⁤ However, their ⁣efforts have not yet succeeded, as the law continues ‍to enjoy strong support from Democrats in ⁣the state Senate.


What are the potential negative consequences and challenges faced by law enforcement ‍agencies‌ due to the decriminalization ‌of prostitution?

E with prostitutes and potentially deter them​ from engaging in illegal activities.⁣ However, with the decriminalization of this offense, the police are⁤ left with ‍few tools to address the issue.

Nisleit emphasized that ‌the presence of barely-clothed prostitutes⁣ walking the streets in broad daylight has sparked outrage among residents and tourists alike. This not ⁢only creates an uncomfortable environment but also raises concerns for public safety and the well-being of the community.

Safety and Public⁢ Health Concerns

Aside from the moral and social‌ implications, the prevalence of prostitutes on the streets also raises significant safety and public health concerns. With open and visible prostitution, there is an increased risk of human​ trafficking,⁢ violence, and the ⁤spread of sexually transmitted‌ infections.

Furthermore,⁤ the presence of prostitutes openly parading in the streets sends a negative message to the youth and devalues the sense of community and respect within the neighborhoods affected.

Addressing the Issue

In light ⁣of the uproar caused by SB 357, Californians are calling for action to be taken to address the‍ issue of barely-clothed prostitutes roaming‍ the streets in broad daylight. Some propose tightening the laws surrounding public⁤ indecency and engaging in⁤ prostitution, while others believe that comprehensive ​legal reforms are necessary.

Law enforcement agencies are also urging the‌ state government to reevaluate⁣ SB 357, taking into account the negative consequences and challenges it⁣ has imposed on their ability ​to maintain public order and safety.


The presence of barely-clothed prostitutes openly parading the streets in broad daylight has‍ become a pressing concern for Californians. The signing of SB 357 has only added fuel to the ⁢fire, with critics arguing that it effectively legalizes prostitution and hinders law enforcement’s ability to address the issue.

As the debate intensifies, Californians are growing increasingly frustrated⁢ and fearful for‍ the safety and well-being of their communities. ‍It ⁣is crucial for lawmakers to consider the voices of those affected and take immediate action to find a balance between individual rights and public order.

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