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TikTok’s Role in My Gender Confusion: Oli London

How TikTok Influencers Are Shaping ⁣Society

“Bad​ behavior is rewarded by ​TikTok. You’re given​ an⁤ incentive to⁢ behave like that … So when we see ⁢influencers acting crazy, ⁤and ​then people sharing their transition journey, it ⁤gets more ‍and more extreme, to the point where you have someone like Dylan‍ Mulvaney‍ saying that he wants to become pregnant.”

Social media influencer Oli London⁣ became known for undergoing‌ many surgeries in his quest to look like ⁣a ​Korean man and then, during the pandemic, a ‍Korean woman. ⁢He was one of the first influencers to join ‍TikTok, and‌ he says⁢ the social media platform⁤ fueled​ his gender confusion.

Now he’s sharing his story in his new memoir “Gender Madness: One Man’s Devastating Struggle with Woke Ideology and‍ His⁣ Battle to Protect Children.”

“So many kids look up to influencers more than they look⁤ up to​ teachers or doctors. They respect them more. So if an​ influencer says something—and it could be very​ harmful—teens will​ just follow it blindly,‌ like a cult, almost like a ⁤religion. So I feel like I⁤ had ⁣a responsibility, ⁢and I woke up,” Mr.⁢ London says.

The Influence ​of TikTok

“Bad behavior is ⁣rewarded by TikTok. You’re given an incentive to behave like that … So ⁣when we see influencers ‍acting crazy, and then people sharing their transition journey, it gets more ‌and more ‍extreme, to the point where you have someone like Dylan Mulvaney saying that he wants

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