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Debuting 8/22, 9 PM ET: TikTok’s Impact on My Gender Identity

How ⁤TikTok ⁢Influencers Are Shaping Society

“Bad​ behavior ​is rewarded by TikTok. You’re given an ⁣incentive to behave like that … So⁢ when we see influencers acting crazy, and then people sharing their transition journey, it gets more and more extreme, to the point where you have someone like Dylan ​Mulvaney saying that ‌he wants to become pregnant.”

Social media influencer Oli ⁣London ⁤became known for undergoing many surgeries in his quest ​to ‍look like a Korean‍ man and then, during the pandemic, ​a Korean ⁣woman. He was one ​of the first ⁣influencers to join TikTok, ⁣and he says the social media platform ‍fueled his gender confusion.

Now he’s sharing his story in ​his new memoir “Gender Madness: One Man’s Devastating Struggle with Woke Ideology​ and His​ Battle to Protect Children.”

“So many kids look ⁣up to ‌influencers more than they look up to teachers or doctors.⁤ They respect ‍them more. So if ​an ‍influencer says something—and it could be very harmful—teens will just follow it blindly, like a cult, almost ​like a religion. ⁣So I feel like I had a responsibility, and I⁢ woke⁤ up,” Mr. London says.

The Influence of TikTok

“Bad behavior is rewarded by⁢ TikTok. You’re given ‍an incentive to behave like that … So when⁣ we see influencers acting⁣ crazy, and then people sharing their transition journey, it gets ⁣more and⁣ more⁢ extreme,⁢ to the‍ point where you have someone like Dylan Mulvaney saying⁣ that he wants

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