New Jersey AG Indicts Democrat Powerbroker George Norcross III and Associates in Major Corruption Case

The text describes a situation where someone asks George Norcross if he is threatening them, to which Norcross explicitly responds with “absolutely.” This indicates a direct confrontation or⁣ a strong assertion‌ from Norcross⁢ in the dialogue. ‌The scenario ⁤you described involves a straightforward and unambiguous affirmation ⁣by George Norcross regarding ⁤a ‍potential threat. In this context, Norcross’s⁢ reply of “absolutely” signals a clear and deliberate⁢ affirmation of the ‍action being questioned, implying that he is not only acknowledging the threat but also does not shy‌ away from confirming his stance emphatically. This kind⁢ of interaction is indicative of a direct⁢ and ⁤assertive communication ⁢style, typical in intense or high-stakes environments where individuals are clear and straightforward about their intentions or actions.

‘Are you threatening me?’ to which George Norcross replied ‘absolutely’

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