Epstein attempted to send letter to fellow inmate before death, new docs show.

New Developments in Jeffrey Epstein Case: Attempted Contact with Larry Nassar

The case of Jeffrey Epstein, the late New York financier and accused sex trafficker, continues to reveal shocking details. Epstein was found dead in his cell in August 2019 while awaiting trial for charges related to the sexual abuse and trafficking of young women. His accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, was later sentenced to 20 years in prison for crimes related to Epstein’s activities.

Recently obtained records reveal that Epstein attempted to contact another high-profile prisoner accused of sex crimes: Larry Nassar. Nassar, a former team doctor for the U.S. gymnastics team, was found guilty of sexually abusing numerous U.S. athletes under his care.

The documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, show that Epstein attempted to contact Nassar via mail during his 36 days in jail. The letter was later discovered in the jail’s mail room marked “returned to sender” weeks after Epstein’s death.

It remains unclear what the contents of the letter were, and if they will ever be revealed publicly.

Chaotic Aftermath of Epstein’s Death

The documents also shed light on the chaotic aftermath of Epstein’s death. Emails from one of the prosecutors involved in Epstein’s case reveal frustration with the Bureau of Prison’s unwillingness to share information related to Epstein’s death. Another email from a “high-ranking Bureau of Prisons official” suggests that journalists had been bribing employees of the jail for information regarding Epstein and his death.

Records show that the Bureau of Prisons made systemic changes in response to Epstein’s apparent suicide, with one internal memo admitting that reduced staffing levels, poor training, and other bad practices may have contributed to Epstein’s death.

These new developments continue to reveal the disturbing details surrounding Epstein’s case and the systemic failures that allowed his crimes to go unchecked for so long.

The case of Jeffrey Epstein continues to reveal shocking details.

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