Investigation uncovers left-leaning agenda and debunked COVID theories at top pediatric hospital in the nation.

The Largest Pediatrics Hospital in the Country Promotes Far-Left Activism Among Young Doctors

A recent investigation by The Daily Wire has uncovered a disturbing trend at the largest pediatrics hospital in the country. Texas Children’s Hospital is indoctrinating young doctors into a militant form of far-Left activism through weekly training videos. What’s even more concerning is that those who dare to question this agenda are accused of “micro-aggressions.”

Training Sessions and Controversial Statements

During an August 2021 training session, Dr. Peter Hotez, a dean at Baylor College of Medicine, affiliated with the hospital, launched a scathing attack on “far-Right extremism and PACs which have become mainstream across the GOP.” He called for action against those who questioned the conventional wisdom about COVID, comparing them to terrorists and nuclear proliferators.

Dr. Hotez, who curiously refers to himself as “the OG Villain,” has previously dismissed claims that COVID originated from a Chinese lab. He wrote an editorial criticizing Republican members for suggesting such a possibility. However, the lab-leak theory has gained traction, with reports suggesting that the first COVID infections were Chinese scientists working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Dr. Hotez also defended the efficacy of masks to prevent COVID infection, despite mounting evidence suggesting otherwise.

Micro-Aggressions and Political Manipulation

In addition to promoting a specific political agenda, the hospital’s training sessions also focus on “micro-aggressions.” When some doctors expressed their concerns about the material, hospital officials dismissed their complaints as “micro-aggressions” and labeled them as examples of “fragility.”

Furthermore, young doctors were subjected to extended audio of a crying young girl supposedly separated from her family due to former President Donald Trump’s border policy. This appears to be an attempt to shape doctors’ political views on immigration policy.

Dr. Lindy McGee taught young doctors about individuals who advocate for “parents’ rights” and “informed consent,” claiming that their true goal is to spread fear, disrupt systems, and elevate individual interests over the public good.

The Consequences of Draconian Policies

The hospital’s strict campaign against speech even extended to incidents like CNN accurately reporting an impending lockdown in Italy, which caused people to leave. While not misinformation, this undermined the effectiveness of the public health response. Similarly, lockdowns were later shown to be largely ineffective and had unintended disastrous consequences.

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Katelyn Jetelina, expressed a desire for a more forceful approach, suggesting that tough decisions should be made, such as refusing to see unvaccinated family members.

The hospital even brought in a lobbyist who implied that doctors should have the right to refuse care to unvaccinated patients.

The Concerns of Whistleblowers

A doctor, who wished to remain anonymous, provided videos of the “Grand Rounds” lectures to The Daily Wire, expressing concern that this leftist activism could have life-threatening consequences.

According to the doctor, “Medicine works by authority. And for a long time that worked. But now they’re using that authority to push things that have nothing to do with medicine. They forcefully demonized people who, in some cases, turned out to be right, and they don’t have the humility to admit it.”

The doctor witnessed the devastating impact of these policies firsthand, with people dying due to the restrictions and misinformation imposed by the hospital.

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