Megyn Kelly and Sage Steele unite against US Open for replacing ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ with Black National Anthem.

Sports and Music: Dividing ⁤Instead of Uniting

Sports has always been a unifying force in the United States, but now the woke agenda is infiltrating even this realm. The most recent example ​is the ⁤absence of the ​national anthem at the men’s U.S. Open final in New York. Instead, a combination ​of “America⁤ the⁢ Beautiful” and “Lift Every Voice⁢ and Sing” (often referred‍ to as the “black national anthem“) was performed by American ​operatic baritone Will Liverman.

This blatant disregard for tradition and patriotism is a constant reminder of the left’s hostility towards ⁢anything that represents unity. It’s no wonder that Megyn Kelly and Sage ⁤Steele expressed​ their disgust ​with the U.S. Open’s decision to exclude​ “The​ Star-Spangled Banner.” I stand with‌ them.

This is just one example of many attempts to divide our nation along ideological lines. As‍ Kelly stated, “Can we just have ⁢a non-woke,⁣ non-agenda pushing men’s tennis championship?”

Sage Steele, who recently parted ways with ESPN, shared⁤ a similar perspective, stating, “Ahhh… the irony of refusing to ⁤allow ‌our national anthem… at the *US* Open. I remain ⁢hopeful that ⁢we can get back to truly‌ appreciating the greatness of ⁣America, but man… this is sad.”

It is truly disheartening to see⁣ how far we ‍have ‌strayed from the progress⁢ in cultural relations that Martin‌ Luther King Jr. fought​ for. Now, even sports is being used as a platform ⁤to highlight‌ the “national‍ divide” rather than our shared values of unity⁤ and justice for all.

Let’s not forget that the national ‌anthem ‍represents all Americans,⁣ regardless of race. It’s ⁣a ‌shame that this even‌ needs to be said.

Should the ⁣national anthem have been played at the U.S. Open​ on Sunday?

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Choosing to exclude any musical performance would have been a ⁤better⁤ decision, although ‌still not ideal. Unfortunately, sports and ‌music have become tools for the left to further divide us. Our beloved pastimes,​ which have ​always brought ⁤people together, are now being used⁤ to tear us apart and broadcast it to the world.

As we struggle internally, we are​ seen as vulnerable‍ targets by our adversaries.⁣ This is ‍not a good ​look and invites challenges to our global standing. The national anthem serves as a reminder to all‍ citizens that we are a great⁢ nation ​to ‌be proud ⁣of.

The lackluster rendition before the U.S. ⁢Open men’s‌ final reflects the sad state of ‍affairs ⁣we find ourselves in. It’s a state we​ must leave⁢ behind in the upcoming ⁢2024 presidential election.

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