Meghan Markle mulls running for open California Senate seat.

Meghan Markle Considering Senate Run to Replace Late Senator Dianne Feinstein

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OAN’s Stephanie Stahl
3:37 PM‍ – Monday, October 2, 2023

Meghan ⁤Markle, the Duchess ​of Sussex, ‌is reportedly contemplating a bid for the ‍Senate seat ⁢left vacant by the passing of California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein.


The‌ speculation arises ​following Feinstein’s death at her Washington, ⁤D.C., residence on Friday. She was 90 years old.

According to Daily ‌Mail, prominent California Democrat donors and‌ politicians expressed interest when news of Markle’s potential candidacy ⁢for the vacant seat emerged.

After returning ‌to her ‌hometown of Los Angeles with her husband, Prince Harry, Duke ⁣of Sussex, in 2020, the Duchess has been actively advocating for various causes, including parental paid leave and gun safety organizations like Moms Demand Action.

California⁣ Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) holds the responsibility of selecting Feinstein’s replacement for the remaining 13‌ months of her​ term.

A close associate of Newsom, ​who is a major California donor, stated that Markle’s eligibility has not been ruled out.

“Meghan is definitely a long-shot,‍ but in the craziness that is‌ U.S. politics these days, ​it’s not an impossibility.⁤ Crazier things‌ have happened,” ⁢the anonymous ⁤source said.

This is not the first time Governor Newsom has ⁢had to fill ​a ​vacant Senate seat. He ​did so ‌in 2020 after Kamala Harris was elected⁤ Vice President.

During that time, the Daily Mail reported‌ Markle’s interest in Harris’ open ​seat ⁤and her efforts to network within progressive circles.

Reports suggest that Markle’s ultimate goal is to run for president.

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What ⁤challenges and competition would ‌Meghan Markle face ⁢if she decides ‌to enter the race for the California Senate seat

⁤Meghan Markle Considering Senate‌ Run to ‌Replace Late Senator⁤ Dianne Feinstein

Meghan ⁤Markle, the Duchess of​ Sussex, is⁢ reportedly considering running for the Senate seat left vacant by the passing of California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The speculation arises⁢ following Feinstein’s⁤ death at her Washington, D.C.,⁣ residence⁣ on Friday. She was 90 years old.

According to‌ the Daily Mail, prominent California‌ Democrat donors and politicians have expressed interest in Markle’s potential⁢ candidacy for⁢ the vacant seat.

After returning to​ her hometown of Los Angeles⁣ with ⁤her husband, Prince Harry,⁢ Duke of Sussex, in 2020, the Duchess ‌has been actively advocating for various causes, including parental ‍paid leave and gun safety organizations like Moms⁢ Demand Action.

California Governor Gavin‍ Newsom‌ holds the responsibility of selecting Feinstein’s replacement⁣ for the remaining 13 months of her term.

A close ‌associate of Newsom, who‍ is a major California donor,⁤ stated that Markle’s eligibility ⁣has‌ not been ruled out.

“Meghan ‍is definitely ​a long-shot, but in the craziness that ​is U.S. politics these days, ⁢it’s not an impossibility. Crazier​ things have happened,” the ⁤anonymous source said.

This is not the first time ⁢Governor Newsom has had to fill⁣ a vacant ⁤Senate seat. He did so in 2020 after Kamala Harris ⁢was elected Vice President.

During that ‍time, the Daily Mail⁤ reported ​Markle’s interest in⁤ pursuing⁤ a political ‌career, and⁢ now it seems‌ that ‍the opportunity may‍ present‌ itself with​ the open Senate seat.

Markle’s potential run for the Senate would⁢ undoubtedly attract ⁤significant attention and scrutiny, given her high-profile background as a member ​of the British royal family and her‌ marriage to Prince ⁣Harry.

If she decides‌ to enter the race, Markle will have to navigate the ⁤complex world of ​American politics and win over voters ‍in⁣ California. Her charisma‍ and advocacy‍ work may work in her favor, ⁣but only time will tell if she can make a successful transition into the political arena.

The California ‌Senate seat is highly sought ‌after, and the⁣ competition for the position is likely to be fierce. Markle would face formidable opponents from both major parties, ‍as well as other independent candidates.

While her chances ⁣may be seen ‌as slim, Markle’s potential bid for the⁣ Senate is​ a testament to the changing landscape of American politics. ‌Celebrities have increasingly shown interest in political positions,‍ using their fame and influence to bring attention⁢ to important issues and effect change.

If Markle decides to pursue a career in politics, ⁢it will be interesting to see how she navigates the challenges ⁢and whether she can effectively represent the‍ people of California.⁤ Regardless of the ‍outcome, her potential​ candidacy is sure to generate excitement ‍and spark conversations about the role of celebrities in politics.

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