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Media initially credited Biden for the pause in the border crisis, but now they’re allowing him to shift blame.

Illegal Immigration: A Rollercoaster of Blame‌ and Crisis

When illegal immigration⁤ unexpectedly dipped a few months ago, Democrats and the ‍mainstream media were ‌quick to credit ⁢President Joe ‍Biden. Now that the ‍migration crisis has come back as bad as ever, the media‍ have resumed blaming factors outside the ‌president’s​ control.


The Biden administration in May ended the use of ⁣Title 42, a ⁢rule that allowed for​ quick expulsion of⁤ migrants at the‌ border, warning that the move would likely lead ​to a surge at the border. But the expected ⁤influx of migrants failed to ‍materialize, and the White House and its ​Democratic ⁢allies took ⁣a victory ​lap.

The ​media joined‍ the celebration, already imagining a boost for Biden’s reelection campaign.

  • Politico, June 6—”As border crossings dip, Biden admin crows about the fiasco that never happened.”
  • CNN, June 9—”White House ramps up efforts to slow migration in the hemisphere, capitalizing on low border crossings.”
  • Axios, June 24—”Biden’s breakthrough on immigration.”
  • CBS News, July 7—”U.S. opens ‍new immigration path for‍ Central Americans and Colombians to discourage border crossings.”
  • New York Times, July 9—”Number of Migrants at the Border Plunges‌ as Mexico Helps U.S. to​ Stem Flow.”
  • Washington Post, July 12—”Southern border ‘eerily quiet’ after policy shift on⁤ asylum ⁢seekers.”
  • Axios, ⁢July 22—”GOP’s ‌crumbling​ case against Biden on crime, immigration and inflation.”
  • Guardian, July 30—”Where⁣ did ‍it⁣ all go right for Biden? Facts blunt Republican attack lines.”


Illegal⁢ border crossings, after rising for months, this week ​approached record highs set last year. Overwhelmed border officials were forced to​ separate families and release migrants into communities.⁢ As during much of Biden’s ​presidency, the White House and congressional ​Democrats blamed root causes and Republicans for ⁣the border crisis.

The media, meanwhile, returned to repeating the White House’s talking points,⁣ including that new rules further incentivizing ‍people to enter the country illegally may fix the ​situation.

  • Reuters, ​Sept. 21—”US offers work ‌permits to half million‍ Venezuelans‍ already in country”:
  • The U.S. will grant ​temporary deportation relief and access to work permits to nearly half a million Venezuelans already in the country, U.S. ‌officials said on Wednesday, a move that follows calls by Democrats to help newly arrived ⁢migrants work ​legally. …

    President ⁤Joe ‍Biden, a⁣ Democrat seeking reelection in 2024, has faced ⁢record illegal border crossings, fueled ​by a sharp rise in recent years of migrants fleeing economic and political turmoil ⁣in Venezuela. …

    The U.S. Department of​ Homeland​ Security ⁢(DHS) said the expansion of protected status for Venezuelans was warranted‍ due⁢ to “Venezuela’s increased instability and lack of safety.”

  • New York Times, Sept. ⁢21—”Biden Plan Seeks to Keep Migrants Away From the⁢ Border. Will It Work?”:
  • As the Biden administration struggles to tackle ⁣a⁤ humanitarian and political crisis at America’s doorstep, it is focusing increasingly ‍on keeping migrants far from ⁤the U.S.-Mexico border by establishing migration processing centers⁢ in Central and South America.

  • CNN,⁢ Sept. 22—”More military personnel ⁢head to the US-Mexico border as officials​ describe an increase in migrant crossings”:
  • The Defense Department is ramping up ‌resources at the US-Mexico border as‌ officials describe a surge in border crossings in ⁤places‌ including Eagle Pass, ⁣Texas, where the​ mayor has⁢ declared a state of emergency. ⁤…

    Officials gave no clear explanation⁤ for what has prompted ‍the latest surge and said they’re still working through specific reasons. They continued to identify disinformation from smugglers, poor economies, ‍authoritarian regimes and the climate crisis as⁤ forces driving migration.

    Many who leave their homes for the United⁣ States face long and dangerous treks in hopes of finding better, safer lives. Some may flee ​violence, while others may immigrate for economic opportunities or to reunite with family, experts say. Deteriorating‌ conditions in Latin America exacerbated by the coronavirus‍ pandemic also have contributed to⁣ the influx of‍ migrants‍ into the US.

As‍ White‍ House press secretary ⁤Karine Jean-Pierre explained on Friday, “We are ‍dealing with a broken system.”

, both the United States and the European Union have faced migration crises. However, there are distinct differences in their​ experiences. For the title “Ability​ and deteriorating conditions,” related to concerns over ⁢Venezuela’s economic and political ⁤situation as a primary factor ⁤driving⁢ migration, here are three PAA‍ related questions:

Bility and deteriorating conditions,”⁣ pointing to concerns over Venezuela’s‍ economic and political ‌situation as a primary factor driving migration.

  • NPR, Sept. 23—”Overwhelmed by Migrants, U.S. Border Officials ⁢Begin Releasing Families into Communities”:
  • U.S. border officials have⁢ begun releasing some ⁤families who cross ​the border illegally⁣ into communities⁢ rather than turning ‌them away,⁢ senior administration officials ‍said​ Thursday. The move comes as a result​ of overcrowding at‌ border patrol facilities and a lack of capacity to adequately ⁢process ‌new ‌arrivals, officials said. …

    The Biden administration has struggled to manage a surge in ‌border crossings since taking office. The issue ​has become a political flashpoint, and Republicans have repeatedly criticized the administration’s handling of the situation. …

    The administration has‍ blamed the continued surge in migration on‍ a range of⁣ factors, including the root ⁣causes​ driving people to flee ​their​ home ⁣countries, such ⁤as‍ poverty and violence, as well as‍ misinformation about U.S. immigration policies.

  • Washington Post, Sept. 24—”The Biden administration eases⁢ asylum rules at the border, hoping to ⁢stem record migration‍ numbers”:
  • The⁢ Biden administration is temporarily rolling‌ back a Trump-era⁤ asylum policy⁢ that restricts eligibility for protections‍ at⁣ the ⁢border, a potentially‌ significant development amid record migration numbers at the ‍southern border. …

    The change is part of a broader strategy ‍by the administration to address the ongoing crisis⁣ and manage the influx of migrants. ⁣The administration has shifted its focus to addressing root‌ causes of ​migration in‍ Central America while also​ working to streamline the asylum ⁤process and provide alternatives to dangerous journeys. …

    Republicans have‌ criticized the administration’s ⁤handling of ⁤the border crisis, blaming⁣ its immigration⁢ policies ⁢for the surge in crossings. The administration, meanwhile, has⁣ argued‌ that a comprehensive approach is necessary to address the complex factors driving​ migration.

  • BBC News, Sept.⁣ 29—”Migration ⁣crisis: How do US and EU experiences ‍differ?”:
  • In recent ‌years

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