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Key House Republicans targeted in ad campaign to support aid for Ukraine

A Pro-Ukraine ⁣Group Launches Ad Campaign Urging ‌Republican Members of Congress to Support Military Aid

A pro-Ukraine group ‌has launched an impactful ad campaign in key districts, aiming to persuade Republican members of Congress to push forward supplemental legislation that includes military aid for Ukraine. The campaign, led by Republicans for Ukraine, features a powerful one-minute spot titled “No Weakness in the Face⁣ of Aggression.”

The ad showcases lifelong Republican party members from across the country, emphasizing the crucial importance of⁣ continued United States support for Ukraine. One Republican man from California expresses his concern, stating, “If we‌ don’t support Ukraine, I fear China may interpret it as⁢ a signal⁢ that they can invade their neighbors too.”

Another Republican from⁤ Arizona adds, “There ‌are other countries in the world closely watching the U.S. response​ to Russia’s ‍invasion.” Meanwhile, a Republican woman from Wyoming recalls, “The core idea ‌of‍ the Republican Party was opposition to the forces of communism.”

Republicans for Ukraine aims to encourage several Republican members of Congress to sign a discharge​ petition, which would force a House vote on the supplemental aid bill already passed by the Senate. The Senate ​bill, totaling​ $95.3 billion, provides⁣ additional military​ aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. However, the fate of the bill in the House remains uncertain without a discharge petition ‌to​ bring it⁢ to ​the floor for a ​vote.

“It only takes four Republicans ‍signing a discharge petition to help our allies and protect our national security. There’s safety in numbers, and the more Republicans who sign, the safer they will be,” states⁣ Gunner Ramer, ​the national spokesman for​ Republicans for Ukraine. ⁢He believes that if the Senate bill receives a vote ⁢in the House, ​it⁢ will pass ‌overwhelmingly with strong Republican support.

The video will be running in the districts of several representatives, including ⁣Mike Gallagher (R-WI), Ken⁢ Buck (R-CO), Mike McCaul (R-TX), Mike Rogers (R-AL), Mike Turner (R-OH), Don Bacon (R-NE), Steve‍ Womack (R-AR), Jake Ellzey (R-TX), ⁣Brian ⁣Fitzpatrick (R-PA), and Dan⁢ Crenshaw (R-TX). These representatives were chosen based‌ on their perceived likelihood to support a discharge petition.

The Washington Examiner​ has reached out ‍to each representative for comment.

A spokesperson for Don Bacon stated that he would not support a discharge petition due to concerns with ⁤the legislation. However,‍ he has joined Rep. Fitzpatrick and others in introducing⁤ bipartisan⁢ legislation that addresses Ukraine aid, as well as aid to Israel and Taiwan, along ⁤with border security.

McCaul’s spokesperson‌ did not provide additional comments but directed the Washington Examiner to the representative’s past‍ statements. McCaul recently remarked, “I think Republicans supportive ​of Ukraine ‌wouldn’t support a discharge⁣ because it’s really going around ‌leadership altogether.” However, McCaul‍ believes that aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan will ultimately come to the House floor, one way ⁤or another.


How is the⁤ ad campaign by⁤ Republicans‌ for Ukraine aiming to influence Republican members of Congress ‌to support‍ military aid for Ukraine?

Illion,​ includes $300 million in military aid for Ukraine. However, the⁢ bill has ⁣faced opposition and has yet to be brought to a vote​ in⁢ the House of Representatives.

The ad campaign intends to highlight the importance of supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression. The group believes that providing military aid will send a clear message to both Russia and other ⁣nations around the world that ‌the United⁢ States stands firmly with Ukraine and values its sovereignty.

The ‌ad emphasizes the potential consequences of failing to support Ukraine. It warns of the likelihood of China taking advantage⁢ of such a⁣ situation and potentially invading its neighbors, as well as other countries monitoring the U.S. response ‍to Russia’s invasion.

By featuring lifelong Republicans, the campaign ⁣aims to appeal to Republican members of Congress who may ⁤have reservations about providing military aid ⁤to Ukraine.⁤ These individuals highlight ⁣the core principles of the Republican Party, including opposition to communism. By connecting the ​situation in Ukraine to these core values, the campaign‌ hopes to sway Republican members of ⁤Congress to support the discharge petition​ and push⁣ for a House vote on the aid ⁢bill.

Republicans for Ukraine⁤ is urging concerned citizens to join their cause and ​reach out to their Republican representatives to ⁢express their support for ​military aid to Ukraine. They believe‍ that a groundswell of public support, coupled with the bipartisan⁤ nature of the Senate bill, can exert enough pressure on Republican representatives to ⁢bring the bill to ​a vote and ensure that aid is ⁤provided⁤ to Ukraine.

The ad campaign has already gained significant attention ⁤and ⁤support. It has been widely shared on social media platforms, generating discussions and raising awareness among ⁣Republican constituents. It remains ‍to be seen whether this campaign‍ will successfully ‌sway ⁤Republican members of‍ Congress, but ​the group is hopeful that their efforts will prompt action ‌and secure the necessary ⁣support for Ukraine.

In‍ conclusion, the‌ pro-Ukraine group Republicans⁤ for Ukraine has launched a powerful ad campaign aimed at persuading Republican⁤ members of ‍Congress to support military aid for Ukraine. The campaign features lifelong Republicans who emphasize the importance of United States⁣ support in the face of⁣ Russian aggression. By connecting the situation in Ukraine⁢ to ⁢core Republican principles, the group hopes to encourage Republican representatives to push for ‍a House vote on the ⁢aid bill. With strong bipartisan support in the ⁢Senate and a groundswell of public support, Republicans for Ukraine ‌believes‍ that their efforts can make a difference and ensure​ that Ukraine receives ⁣the military aid ‌it⁢ urgently needs.

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