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CPAC 2024 to target ‘globalists’ as Ukraine funding hangs in Congress

The 2024 Conservative‌ Political Action Conference: Taking ⁣on⁣ Globalism

The 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is set to kick off on ⁢Wednesday just ‌outside of Washington, D.C. with a bold and engaging ⁣theme: “Where Globalism​ Goes to⁤ Die.” This year, CPAC is specifically targeting⁢ large global organizations and their attempts to influence nations.

Pressure on Congress ‌for Additional ⁤Military Aid

As Congress faces ⁣mounting pressure to pass additional military​ aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, CPAC’s anti-globalism ​theme couldn’t be more ‍timely. The Republican party is grappling with a growing divide on foreign​ policy, particularly when it comes to providing aid to Ukraine, which has been at war with Russia for two years.

The Senate recently passed a $95.3 ⁤billion⁢ supplemental ‍measure to provide aid‍ to‌ all three⁣ countries. However, the bill did not include border ‍security, as former President Donald Trump‍ and his allies⁣ on the hill rejected a bipartisan measure that included immigration policies.

While the⁢ Senate deliberates on the foreign‌ aid bill, Trump has been vocal⁢ about his opposition to sending aid ‌to foreign countries without any conditions. He believes that any aid provided should be considered a “loan” rather than a “giveaway.”

Uncertainty Surrounding the Aid Bill

The Senate-passed‍ bill has yet to be ‍brought⁢ for a vote ⁤in the House, and ⁢it remains unclear when it will be ⁤considered. Senator Ron Johnson ‌recently told‍ Republican conference members ⁣that ⁤there is “no⁢ rush” to address it.

However, following the death of prominent Putin critic Alexei Navalny⁢ in a Russian prison, Johnson expressed hope for action on ⁤Ukraine aid. He emphasized⁤ the‌ need to cut off Putin’s ability ⁣to fund his unprovoked​ war in Ukraine⁤ and⁣ aggression against the Baltic states.

CPAC’s Anti-Globalism Stance

While Congress grapples with the issue of providing aid⁤ to ‍Ukraine, ⁣CPAC’s anti-globalist theme takes aim at large global institutions such as the World ⁢Health Organization, the United Nations, the European Union, and‍ the ⁣World ‍Economic Forum. Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), describes the theme as a “real call to arms” against these⁤ institutions, which he believes are trying to dictate to mainstream Americans what​ they should do‍ in various aspects of their lives.

Heath Mayo, founder ⁣of the anti-Trump ​group ⁢Principles First, criticizes‍ CPAC’s chosen theme, questioning whether they truly understand what globalism means. He argues that they often target organizations like the World Economic Forum, which he believes holds ‌little power and is not even a government.

Trump’s ​Influence on CPAC

CPAC has‍ become ​a significant event‌ for Republican⁤ politicians and activists over the years. With former President Donald Trump’s continued hold over⁤ the Republican Party, his presence at the⁤ conference is undeniable. Trump will ‌deliver remarks, ‍and several high-profile ​endorsers will also be ‌in attendance.

Former ‍U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Trump’s only remaining⁤ challenger⁤ for the‍ Republican ⁣nomination, will not be speaking at the⁤ event.‍ However,⁤ she ‌was⁤ invited to CPAC, according to ⁢Schlapp. ⁢The South Carolina Republican primary ‌coincides with CPAC, but Schlapp believes it is possible for Trump ‍to attend both events.

Counterprogramming ‌and Juxtaposition

Principles First, an⁣ anti-Trump group, will hold its annual ​summit, known as the “Anti-CPAC,” concurrently with CPAC. The summit​ will feature speakers who offer a counterpoint to CPAC’s messaging. Mayo explains that conservatives have a clear choice between ⁣participating in what he calls the “personality cult circus” at ⁤CPAC or attending the Principles⁤ First summit.

CPAC’s Focus on Large ⁤Global Organizations

Despite the divisions within the Republican party on foreign policy, Schlapp emphasizes that CPAC’s anti-globalism⁣ theme is not solely about aid to other countries. Instead, it aims to address‍ the influence of large global organizations. Schlapp believes that America should engage with the world but wants ​policies that promote strong, independent, and collaborative ​nations rather than‍ neocolonialism.

Speakers and Views on Aid to Ukraine

CPAC will feature a lineup of speakers, ‌including Trump,⁢ who⁣ have been vocal critics of continued aid to Ukraine. Schlapp acknowledges that last year’s CPAC straw poll showed that a majority of attendees did not approve of sending billions in aid to Ukraine. However, he clarifies that this does not mean they are​ anti-Ukraine but rather skeptical of Joe⁤ Biden’s⁤ foreign policy and his lack of a clear plan.

Mayo, on⁣ the other hand, claims that CPAC is not just “anti-Ukraine” but increasingly pro-Russia, pro-Putin,⁣ and pro-strongman big government.

Despite the ⁢divisions and controversies, CPAC is expected to draw a large crowd. The conference will take place at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, from Wednesday, Feb. 21, ​to Saturday, Feb. 24.

How does ​the anti-globalist theme at CPAC reflect the divide within the Republican Party on the issue of globalism?

Also be speaking at ‍CPAC. Her‍ presence further emphasizes the divide within the party, especially⁤ on the issue of globalism.

Trump’s influence on CPAC extends beyond just his presence. The anti-globalist theme aligns with Trump’s own beliefs ⁣and policies during his presidency. He prioritized “America First”⁣ and focused on protecting ‌American interests in international relations. CPAC’s theme ⁢is a reflection of ‍Trump’s impact on the conservative ⁢movement and the continued influence he wields within the party.

Potential Impact of CPAC’s Anti-Globalism Stance

CPAC’s focus on anti-globalism raises important questions about the future direction of the Republican Party. Will the party continue to prioritize nationalism and protectionism, or will it embrace a more globalist approach?‍ The 2024‌ CPAC conference will provide valuable insights ‌into the party’s stance on globalism and its implications for future policy decisions.

Additionally, CPAC’s anti-globalist theme adds fuel to ‌the ongoing debate about the role of global institutions and their influence on sovereign nations. It raises important discussions ⁣about the balance between national sovereignty and international cooperation. The outcome of these discussions could shape the future of U.S. foreign policy and its engagement with global organizations.


The 2024 CPAC conference’s theme of “Where Globalism Goes⁤ to Die” highlights ​the growing divide within the Republican Party on issues of⁢ foreign policy and global institutions. As Congress faces⁣ pressure to pass additional military aid, CPAC’s ⁣focus on⁤ anti-globalism adds to the ongoing debates surrounding the role of international cooperation.​ With former President Donald Trump’s continued influence, his presence and the chosen theme further shape the ⁣conservative movement’s stance on globalism. The conference will provide valuable insights into the future direction of the Republican Party and its approach to global issues.

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